Son Heung-min also asked for “full recruitment,” but the future is uncertain

Tottenham Hotspur have yet to decide Timo Werner’s future. As a result, AS Roma of Italian Serie A are looking for an opportunity to bring Werner in. If Tottenham does not decide to fully recruit, Roma plan to push for Werner’s recruitment.

Italian media Palermo Calcio said, “If Tottenham does not take advantage of the opportunity to fully recruit Werner, Rome will move to push for Werner’s transfer. Rome decided not to recruit Romelu Lukaku and chose Werner as the ideal replacement.”

Werner was once considered a world class striker. However, everything got twisted when he moved to Chelsea. In the German Bundesliga, he boasted tremendous goal-scoring ability to reach the top of the scoring rankings, but was stigmatized as a striker who “cannot score a goal.”

Werner left his disappointing England career behind and returned to Leipzig as an “friendly team” for the 2022-23 season. He attempted to rebound by scoring 16 goals in his first year after returning, but in the first half of this season, he was completely defeated by Benjamin Seszuko and became an out-of-strength player. Ultimately, Werner pushed for a move to change the situation and secured himself a trip to Tottenham through the winter transfer window.

Werner has been performing well since joining Tottenham. Two goals and three assists in 13 matches, including the Cup. The record itself is not very good, but it has provided a wider variety of attacking routes with moves that were not seen by previous players. Without Werner, Tottenham would have had a hard time building an attacking line during Son Heung-min’s exit to the Asian Cup and Hishalisson’s injury.

The possibility of a full transfer is also being raised. Werner’s loan contract with Tottenham expires this summer, but there is a full recruitment clause of around W25 billion. As the amount is not burdensome, many media believe Tottenham will fully embrace Werner. Werner, too, is satisfied with his life at Tottenham and hopes to settle down.

“Captain” Son Heung-min also hopes Werner will fully settle down with the team. According to British media Standard, he said, “Berner and Johnson are doing a great job understanding each other. When he first came to Tnum, Werner had lost some confidence. But now he has regained his confidence and is playing more comfortably. As we have a tremendous game ahead, I hope he will provide more runs and assists for the team.”

“I always want to make good friends and good teammates. But in football, you can’t guarantee anything. The club will make the decision. But I think Werner will be happy to stay here. As a player I want to help him make a better choice than he is now. That’s his job. I’ll see what happens at the end of the season. I want him to stay,” he added.

However, Tottenham has not decided yet. British media HITC even said that Tottenham wants a one-year loan extension, not a complete transfer. European football transfer market expert Fabrizio Romano said Tottenham will not discuss Werner’s future until May.

Werner, whose future is still uncertain. Rome began to approach him. Rome is aiming for Lukaku as a substitute. Lukaku left for Rome this season on loan and recorded good results with 18 goals and four assists in 42 games, including the Cup. However, Roma have decided not to fully recruit Lukaku.

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