Nuance Between Anti-IR Yokohama Mayor Candidates: paper

Some of the other five candidates running for mayor of Yokohama may have a more nuanced approach to the topic than reported, except for three hard-liners who oppose having casinos in Japan, according to a new briefing document from Bay City Ventures, a consulting firm.

The Tokyo-based company focuses on the gaming, sports and entertainment industries and has written many briefing papers about Japan’s efforts to have known casino complexes or integrated resorts (IRs) in Japan.

“The most important topic is the short-term and long-term future of Yokohama’s economy, and all candidates will prioritize this over IR. This is just one part of a larger economic revival strategy (although it’s a big one),” wrote the paper’s author, George Kokuryo, managing director of Bay City Ventures, who also said he lives in Yokohama (pictured).

“Even on the topic of integrated resorts, candidates are not simply divided into ‘yes’ and ‘no’,” the paper added.

Three people – Hachiro Okonogi, a senior Liberal Democrat running as an independent but in power at the national level, Yusuo Tanaka, a former governor of Nagano Prefecture as an independent, and Yoshikazu Tsubokura, director of the Yokohama Wholesale Market Cooperative – said they were opposed to IR in the election, but “we did not necessarily oppose its existence.”

The newspaper added: “While their position is more focused on the lack of public support for the city’s IR policies, [Takenharu] Yamanaka, [[Shishifuni] Matsuzawa and [[Masataka]] Ota have categorized IR and casinos as sources of evil that must be prevented at all costs.”

According to the briefing materials, Mr. Yamanaka is an independent and a former professor at Yokohama City University. Mr. Matsuzawa is an independent and former governor of Kanagawa. Mr. Ota is an independent on the Yokohama City Council.

Fumiko Hayashi, the incumbent mayor, is reportedly supportive of the IR policy and is seeking his fourth term in office in an election scheduled for Aug. 22.

The paper in Bay City Ventures said: “The lower the turnout, the more important the organized voting becomes.”

“In an era where turnout is routinely below 50%, systematic support and votes from the Liberal Democrats and their supporters have clearly put Okonogi in the driver’s seat to become the next Yokohama mayor,” it added

Yokohama in June finalized the filing period for a Request for Proposal (RFP) for a Commercial Partner, taking into account its tilt at acquiring the casino complex. Genting Singapore, the operator of Singapore’s casino venue Resorts World Sentosa, and Melco Resorts and Entertainment, the operator of casinos operating in Macau and the Philippines, have been identified as the two candidates for the race. A decision on the winning proposal is expected in the coming months.

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