I’m tired of Ohtani Do Ohtani

Shukangendai, a far-right weekly magazine, reported that people complaining of fatigue about Shohei Ohtani (LA Dodgers) are spreading in Japan.

“Since the end of February this year, the term ‘Otani Hara’ has been pouring in,” Shukangendai said in an article on April 28. Harassment is an abbreviation of the English word ‘harassment’ and is used in Japan for ‘sekuhara’ (sexual harassment) and ‘powerful’ (gapjil).

A world-renowned sports star beyond Japan, Otani has made headlines not only in Japanese media but also in Korean and U.S. media every day. Even people who are not interested in Otani naturally encounter his every move. Some Japanese complain of fatigue.

One woman in her 20s said in an interview with Shukangendai, “I want to have a group of Otani victims with friends in the same situation.” Shukangendai said, “Is there an athlete who dominated the news so much? All the media is about Shohei Ohtani,” adding, “It is inevitable to report on the dismissal of the interpreter, but even the fact that Ohtani had a dog is reported in the news. Some people are starting to get tired of this atmosphere.”

People who feel tired of Ohtani are disgusted by the tendency to like Ohtani for granted, Shukangendai reported. If you say badly about Ohtani, it is that he is treated strangely and the only way his boss can start a conversation at work.

Journalist Haruko Chiba said of the phenomenon, “In the early 1990s, sumo boomed. The current Ohtani phenomenon is similar to that of then,” adding, “At that time, the Hanada family led by the Waka and Ki Hanada brothers were treated as if they were members of the imperial family, and their every move attracted attention from the media. The Ohtaniwa family does not resemble the Hanada family, but they are similar in how they make a fuss around them.”

Ohtani, who has been with the Dodgers since this season, has been in the media every day outside of baseball due to the recent illegal gambling incident of an interpreter. Ohtani says the interpreter secretly touched the money, but there are criticisms that he does not explain exactly how a large amount of money could have been exchanged without Ohtani’s knowledge.

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