“He’s been kissed by God!”…will stay in his prime for the next two years

What does the future hold for Real Madrid and Croatian soccer legend Luka Modric? 

Modric has been a key midfielder for Real Madrid since 2012. Until this season, he played 12 seasons for the club, totaling 527 appearances. During this time, Real Madrid won 24 titles, including three Spanish Primera Liga (La Liga) championships and five UEFA Champions League (UCL) titles.

In doing so, Modric became the first player to break the Cristiano Ronaldo-Lionel Messi Ballon d’Or duopoly. Modric won the Ballon d’Or in 2018. 

However, Modric”s stature and status are not what they used to be. At 38, age has taken its toll. Even the greatest Modric can’t escape the passage of time. This season, he has started fewer games and played less overall. Carlo Ancelotti has been giving more opportunities to younger players, not Modric. 

This hurt Modric’s pride. He couldn”t live with being a bench player. This is unacceptable for a legend, which is why Modric”s transfer rumors are heating up this summer. There were rumors of a move to Inter Miami, Saudi Arabia, and more. Local media are also predicting a move. 

However, the teams that are rumored to be interested in Modric are not in Europe. It’s the United States and Saudi Arabia. Does this mean that at the age of 38, Modric can”t play in Europe anymore? 

Some have argued otherwise. He”s convinced that Modric can still play at his best in Europe. His name is Alen Boksic, a Croatian striker who played for Lazio and Juventus, among 사설토토 others. 

“Modric is a soccer player who has been kissed by God,” he told Italy’s La Gazzetta dello Sport. 

“I’m not sure if Modric will leave Real Madrid,” Boksic continued. But wherever he goes, he will be able to play football in his prime for the next two years. I’m sure of that. I hope Juventus sign him. One Modric won’t be enough to close the gap with champions Inter Milan, but it would be a great addition for Juventus, and I would tell all the best clubs in the world, not just Juventus, to sign him.” 

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