BNK, Byun So-jeong, Park Sung-jin, and Lee Hae-eun were additionally recruited to “trade to Shinhan Bank in one day of Jihyun Shin.”

BNK announced on Monday that it has agreed with Shinhan Bank a 1:2 trade deal with Jihyun Shin to hand over preferred nominations for rookie players in the 2025 first round and receive Byun So-jeong and Park Sung-jin. As a result, Jihyun Shin, who was named Jinan’s compensation player by BNK on Monday, will move his team just one day later.

It was a scheduled step. BNK has already significantly strengthened its power by recruiting Park Hye-jin and Kim Sonia during the off-season. Ahn Hye-ji also renewed her contract with BNK. Park Hye-jin and Ahn Hye-ji are already in the guard position.

BNK used Jihyun Shin as a trade card early on with the salary cap in mind. As a result, three clubs, including Shinhan Bank, put their heads together to achieve a trade.

Jihyun Shin, who joined Hana One Q as the top draft pick in 2014, will change teams in 10 years. Jihyun Shin was a star player representing his team last season with 12.1 points and 3.9 assists. Jihyun Shin ranked second overall with 420 million won (390,000 U.S. dollars) in compensation last

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