Pragmatic Play to utilise Optimove’s Opti-X in its operator portfolio

Pragmatic Play has chosen Optimove’s Opti-X to help enhance personalised experiences across its digital assets for its players.

Opti-X, which is Optimove’s Digital Experience Platform (DXP) will be utilised as part of Pragmatic Play’s operator portfolio to provide instant personalised player recommendations to increase player engagement, retention and lifetime value.

AI-powered web search is a feature of Opti-X, which aims to provide personalised search results for fast and seamless discovery of games and products.

Another feature that Pragmatic Play will take advantage of is dynamic content personalisation across various channels using pre-designed widgets, which allows operators to create a personalised player experience by integrating business rules with over 20 sophisticated AI models on their website or mobile app.

Optimove Director of Personalisation Offering, Matthew Gilbery, said: “To capture and hold the attention of players, it’s becoming increasingly important for casino operators to provide a true real-time personalised experience from the first visit.”

“We are thrilled to be chosen by Pragmatic Play – an industry-leading supplier dedicated to the delivery of exceptional gaming experiences that keep players coming back for more.”

A spokesperson for Pragmatic Play added: “Our collaboration with Optimove reflects Pragmatic Play’s commitment to providing operators and their players with the very best in personalised entertainment experiences.”

Last week, supplier Playbook Engineering secured a deal that will see its operators receive access to Pragmatic Play’s bingo products, following on from an expansion of the existing partnership between the two companies.

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