Metro Vancouver Man Raises $1 Million Canadian Lottery Winner

In time for Christmas, the British Columbia Lottery Corporation cashed in another check for a large lottery jackpot registered in the province. This time, the winner’s name is Bin Xiaochin, who remembered to check his tickets after his colleagues won a Canadian dollar in the lottery, and won a huge jackpot.

After winning the jackpot, Jin joined a club blessed with the lottery jackpot draw of millionaires in Canada. Through a weekly lottery, you can reach an incredible 70 million Canadian dollars in prize money. After this prize exceeds C$50 million, we also offer a few Max million prizes for each round.

Mr. Jin provided detailed information about the windfall while he was in the BCLC office to receive the Maximilian jackpot. He only bought a Lotto Max ticket because his colleagues were buying it, and he was reminded to check out his ticket after the same colleagues won one Canadian dollar through a lottery on Dec. 10, and found out he won one million Canadian dollars.

Jin said he was very surprised that both he and his fiancee received so many prize money from Lotto Max. In line with that, three more Max Million jackpots were given in the December 10 draw. The odds of winning are 1 in 33,294,800, which is equivalent to winning by correctly matching all seven numbers.

Also last week, BCLC announced another significant lottery win in the region after Zhi Shen won CA$1,000,000. The Richmond area has now become quite wealthy by winning the guaranteed prize for that round via lottery on November 13, 2021. He bought tickets at Price Smart Foods on Acroid Road in Richmond.

Shin, after you get home, you’ll get a lotto! After checking the ticket on the app, he called his son and explained that he found out that the prize money was 1 million Canadian dollars. He said winning the lottery is good, and explained that if you don’t win, it will be delivered to a charity.

More prominent lottery winners from British Columbia include a Prince Rupert resident who won back half of his jackpot of CA$11,580,839 in the 6/49 game of Lotto. The B.C. local will share the hefty prize money with the ticket holder from Ottawa, Ontario. The winning combinations that brought prizes to winners were 7,18,19,38,42 and 46. The odds of winning this prize are 1 out of 13,983,816.

In October, B.C. became a witness to one of the biggest lottery wins in history. The lucky winner’s name is Christine Lauzon, and she won a whopping 70 million Canadian dollars. Burnaby residents used the Quick Pick option when selecting their numbers while purchasing tickets at Shopper Drug Mart on Hastings Street before the Lotto Max draw on September 28, 2021.

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