Local broadcasters in the U.S. also fell in love with Lee Jung-hoo

Lee Jung-hoo was interviewed wearing headphones in the dugout during the broadcast of the Major League Baseball game. He received applause from the broadcasting staff with a wonderful answer in an interview that was interpreted in Korean.

The San Francisco Giants had a game against the Arizona Diamondbacks on Wednesday at Scottsdale Stadium in Arizona. Lee Jung-hoo did not start on the day and was waiting in the dugout, and NBC Sports, which aired the game on the day, pointed out Lee Jung-hoo as an interviewee during the game.

NBC Sports had an interview with Lee Jung-hoo during the San Francisco Giants’ attack in the bottom of the fourth inning when the team was tying 4-4. Lee drew attention with witty answers even after a series of unexpected questions from the broadcasting staff. The following are some interviews that were conducted during the game.

  • Hello, Lee Jung-hoo. I’m watching the game from the dugout today. How are you doing.

“Today is my last game (in Arizona), and now I’m moving on to San Francisco. I’m doing great.”

  • I saw your performance at the spring camp well. Your swing was really good. There is a lot of interest from the fans as well. Could you introduce how you will show your fans at Oracle Park.

“I am well aware of what I can do and what I want from the team. I focused on that part and trained hard. I think I showed you little by little in the exhibition games as well. I will try harder to show my strengths.”

  • He is currently playing for the Giants of San Francisco and reportedly injured his left ankle during a game against the Lotte Giants in the KBO last year. Do you have any aftereffects or what is your current condition.

“It’s rather better. I’m in such perfect condition that I don’t worry about my ankle at all.”

  • Did you watch the Major League Baseball’s Korea Series (Seoul Series) held in Seoul last week? Many fans enjoyed watching the series. Did you watch it

“I watched the highlights. I was also happy to have the opportunity for Korean baseball fans to see Major League players play in Korea. I hope that day (playing as a Major League player in Seoul) will come to me someday.

  • Oh, it would be really cool if I could. Then we want to broadcast the game, too. Haha. Your new ‘Giants’ team translates and lives together. Is there any difficulty in communicating with your teammates.

“No problem. I’m communicating in the language of baseball.”

  • That’s a great answer. You’re going to play a lot this season at Oracle Park, which is a stadium where your talent suits you very well. The center field has to cover a lot of areas. You know what.

“I know. When I was in Korea, my home stadium (Kochuk Sky Dome) was also a very big stadium. There will be no problems.”

(During the interview, San Francisco’s designated hitter Marco Luciano hit a home run, and Lee Jung-hoo was captured on camera looking at the scene with his mouth open.)

  • Your teammate Luciano just hit a home run that hit the left-center scoreboard.

“I think I hit the furthest home run I’ve ever seen in my life. Haha.”

  • Hahaha. That’s an impressive reaction. What should we say in Korean when a home run like this comes out.

” “There are non-broadcasting and broadcasting (with colleagues). In this case, Korea is the same as ‘wow.'”

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