Lee Jung-hoo can continue to record hits in all-out seasons

Lee Jung-hoo of the San Francisco Giants in the U.S. Major League finished the game after playing only one at-bat in an exhibition game. The game was canceled due to rain. Still, he had no income.

Lee Jung-hoo started the exhibition game against the LA Dodgers at Scottsdale Stadium in Arizona on the 8th (Korea time).

The game drew attention as San Francisco’s “soul rival” against the Dodgers. Shohei Ohtani, the “Ido-ryu star,” did not participate in the game because it was an away game, but it was worth seeing what kind of game Lee Jung-hoo will play against the popular Dodgers as a preview of the regular season rival.

It was also the first night game that Lee Jung-hoo played. Until now, he had only played daytime games at 1 p.m., but he also needed to adjust to nighttime games ahead of the opening of the regular season.

Another is that left-hander James Paxton was the starting pitcher of the Dodgers. Lee has dealt with right-handed pitchers in all exhibition games, perhaps coincidentally. It was an opportunity to see in person the balls of a left-hander in the Major League. Paxton was a fastball player who threw balls close to 160 kilometers, which made it all the more worthwhile to face off against.

Lee met Paxton at his first batter’s box in the first inning. He stayed focused and focused even in bad weather. He calmly picked out the first two balls. Then, he lost one strike and cut the fourth pitch. He picked out Paxton’s outer breaking ball once more in the situation of 2B2S, driving him to a brinkmanship game. Sixth pitch. Paxton threw a ball towards his body, and Lee didn’t just watch. He made contact but grounded out to the first base. Still, he did his best.

However, it rained too much since then. San Francisco Giants starting pitcher Kyle Harrison even got annoyed as if to ask why he was playing the game. The game was immediately cancelled. Lee Jung-hoo’s ground ball record was deleted.

Thus, Lee’s sixth exhibition game disappeared. He has a batting average of 462 (six hits from 13 times at bat) and one homer, three RBIs, one strikeout and one walk in five exhibition games. He has maintained his hitting record in five consecutive exhibition games.


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