Is there any way for Boras Division, the two major leagues CY to lose consecutive games? “PHI to present short-term contracts to Snell”

Scott Boras division players, who aimed for “jackpot” in the Stove League, started stamping their contracts one by one. However, there was no jackpot. Blake Snell, 32, who aimed to win the Cy Young Award in both leagues, is in a similar situation.

USA Today reported on the 4th (Korea time) that the Philadelphia Phillies are showing interest in Snell. Philadelphia, which has advanced to the National League Championship Series for the past two consecutive years and advanced to the 2022 World Series, is considered one of the biggest players in the league. Since recruiting Bryce Harper in 2019, the team has steadily recruited a large free agent.

However, the situation is different for Snell. According to USA Today, the Philadelphia Phillies have offered Snell a short-term or one-year contract. In fact, it is a suggestion that he retake the FA.

Snell seems to have been full of dreams when he entered the market with the Cy Young Award sign. Snell played for the San Diego Padres last year, recording 14 wins, nine losses and an earned run average of 2.25, in 32 games and 180 innings. His ball control was still struggling, but he managed to win the National League Cy Young Award due to his overwhelming control of the number of lost points. He was the second individual to win the American League Cy Young Award at the Tampa Bay Rays in 2018. He was also the seventh major league winner in history.

As he became the best pitcher in the market, he called for a high ransom. It was reported that Boras, Snell’s agent and the “Devil’s Agent,” set the benchmark for his ransom at 240 million dollars (319.8 billion won) in the early days of the stove league.

However, the market was cold against him. Many teams locked their wallets due to the bankruptcy of Valley Sports, one of the major league’s broadcasting rights providers. No club had invested in uncertainties and except for the Cy Young Award winning season, Snell was highly regarded for his lackluster performance. Only the New York Yankees, who desperately needed a chance to win the title due to the acquisition of Juan Soto trade, reportedly offered him 150 million U.S. dollars for five years. However, it was not an offer that would satisfy Boras, who has a strong nose.

Boras began to endure as usual, but nothing changed. The spring camp began, and the fire fell on the top of his foot. Snell was not the only problem. All of the major large sales that Boras was in charge of, such as Cody Bellinger, Matt Chapman, and Jordan Montgomery, could not find new teams.

Eventually, they raised their white flags one by one. Bellinger signed a three-year, 80-million-dollar contract with his former team, the Chicago Cubs. Instead, he opted for a repeat FA by scoring opt-outs every year. Chapman also picked a three-year, 54-million-dollar contract with the San Francisco Giants, which also added opt-outs every year.

Snell’s options also do not look the same. It is known that the Yankees proposed it again other than the Philadelphia Phillies. However, the Yankees’ offer is also said to be a short-term contract that increased the annual average amount. This means that Snell does not have many options left.

If he has to sign a short-term contract anyway, it would not be a bad idea to raise his ransom as much as possible at Philadelphia, the leading candidate for the championship. If Snell joins, Philadelphia will be able to build a powerful one-two-three punch that will lead to Jack Wheeler, Aaron Nola, and Snell, who are considered the best aces in the National League. Since there are strong batters including Harper and Trey Turner, this year will be the best time to win the World Series.

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