“There’s nowhere else to go.” This year should be really different. Kim Jin-wook, who became more desperate, said, “I’ll catch you when the opportunity comes.”

“There’s nowhere else to go.” This year should be really different. Kim Jin-wook, who became more desperate, said, “I’ll catch you when the opportunity comes.” [Interview]

[Okinawa (Japan) = Reporter Kim Young-rok of Sports Chosun] His reputation as a high school student is still mentioned. That’s how disappointing he is as a pro.

After this year, it may be better to solve the military problem quickly. As such, the meaning of the 2024 season for Kim Jin-wook is different.

For Lotte Giants players, an exchange game with the Chiba Lotte Marines, the first division of the Japanese professional baseball team, was a valuable opportunity that they rarely encounter. It was an opportunity for a joint practice and evaluation match, which were conducted through active cooperation from the parent company.

Chiba Lotte also played with all their heart. Key hitters such as Kyawuta Fujiwara, Kowuki Yamaguchi, Hisanori Yasuda, and Hiromi Oka started in both games. Key catcher Tatsuhiro Tamura and Loki Sasaki, a 165-kilometer monster, also checked their physical condition in one game each.

Kim Jin-wook, who was mentioned as a candidate for the fifth starting pitcher at the first camp in Guam, was disappointed once again. Kim Jin-wook was substituted after Choi Joon-yong in the seventh inning of the first round match of the Chiba Lotte Exchange on Sunday, but failed to get an out count and allowed two hits, one walk and two runs against the third batter. Manager Kim Tae-hyung even revealed his upset feelings without filtering, saying, “I didn’t get to choose the pitch well.”

Lotte pitching coach Joo Hyung-kwang emphasizes finding the balance of pitching and gaining physical strength by throwing a lot of balls. He also conveyed his message to Kim Jin-wook, “I hope you feel it after throwing a lot.”

Kim Jin-wook, whom we met on Sunday, said, “I have built my body very well at Guam. I have elevated my pitching capacity to 80 to 90. I was greedy to throw a lot, and I have no abnormal physical condition.”

“It’s a starter. It’s a bullpen. The manager didn’t say anything. I’m preparing to go out anytime. Now I have to catch it when the opportunity comes. I’m throwing one ball and one ball.”

He is a brilliant athlete, ranging from athletic ability to talent as a baseball player. He is also famous for training a lot. He has not shown his potential in actual games.

On the previous day’s result, he said, “Of course, it was bad, but it was okay in the meantime as well. I gave up a walk on the hit, but I think there was something good about it as well,” adding, “Isn’t it my first time in a real game? My pitching balance was good.”

If he does not perform well this season, he is likely to knock on Sangmu or the military.

“When I think about it that way, I think about something else again. I think the same result has been achieved for three years now. It doesn’t have to be too perfect. Even if I do bad here, it’s okay whether I do well or not.”

I went to the Tottori World Wing Rehabilitation Center and focused on building up my body. Kim Jin-wook said, “I went to introduce the agent, and I heard a lot of good things from Choi Seung-yong of Doosan. The top priority is to produce good results.” He said he always stays with his roommate Na Kyun-an, adding, “I learned forkball, but it wasn’t easy.”

“Rather than being too alone, I try to talk a lot and have fun playing baseball. Whether the results are good or bad, my first goal is to finish the camp without getting hurt before the season.”

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