The fiery ‘Gangjeong-ho Academy’ joins Lotte Han Dong-hee and Jung-hoon… Lee Dae-ho will pay the full cost

Han Dong-hee and Chung Hoon will board a flight to Los Angeles on May 14. Lessons will be held at Kang Jung-ho Academy. “I will roll up my sleeves to recover the sense of hitting Han Dong-hee,” Lee Dae-ho vowed.

Han Dong-hee was called “Post Lee Dae-ho” last year. He received attention. In the beginning, the possibility was seen. He received the monthly MVP in April 2022 with a batting average of 0.427 seven home runs and 22 RBIs in 24 games. Since then, growth has been slow. The downturn continued. Last year, he finished with a batting average of 0.223 five home runs and 32 RBIs.

“We must not let this happen.” Desperation drove him. Son Ah-seop of the NC Dinosaurs was greatly influenced by him. Kang was the pillar that enabled him to rank No. 1 in batting average and most hits in last year’s category. Son credited Kang with receiving the Golden Glove Award. “There were many talk about aging curves, and I desperately prepared (with Chung Ho-hyung),” Son said. “He accurately explains the direction of training and the reason for correcting the swing mechanism with facts.”

Han Dong-hee came to have confidence in Kang because of his YouTube video that he analyzed. “When I step on my leg, my balance is too far back, so I have less space behind me,” Kang said of Han Dong-hee’s batting. “In this case, it will be difficult to push outward, and the left foot will fall out because of the fast rotation.” He said that the fast rotation cannot be supported by the left leg and will fall out. The way he analyzed through the data also added credibility.

Han Dong-hee, who saw this, expressed her expectation, saying, “If I talked a lot with Kang Jung-ho about my good and bad things, I felt that I would definitely have mine.”

“Gangjeongho Academy” has already gone viral. Park Se-hyuk of the NC Dinosaurs even went to meet Kang before Son. Park signed a four-year contract worth up to 4.6 billion won (3.81 million U.S. dollars) with the NC Dinosaurs in November 2022, but he experienced a slump with a batting average of 211 with six homers and 32 RBIs in 88 games. Kim Jae-hwan of the Doosan Bears visited the club in November last year. Once considered the future of Doosan Bears, Kim Jae-ho has been in a slump for two years after signing a four-year, 11.5 billion won (approx.

Kang graduated from Gwangju Jeil High School and was named eighth in the first round of the Hyundai Motor Company in 2006. When he was a member of the Heroes in 2014, he recorded a batting average of 356 with 40 homers, 117 RBIs, and 103 runs in 117 games. He moved to the Pittsburgh Pirates in the Major League and became a center hitter with 15 homers in 2015 and 21 homers in 2016. However, he was hampered by three drunk driving and hit-and-run accidents. He also failed to return to Korea. Since then, he has opened a baseball academy in LA and is living his second life.

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