“Son Heung-min, don’t touch the table tennis player.” International Table Tennis Federation ‘Warning You Can’t Laugh’

“Son Heung-min, don’t touch the table tennis player.” The International Table Tennis Federation has made remarks on its official SNS that can’t be laughed at, which is controversial among sports fans.

World Table Tennis (WTT), a subsidiary of the International Table Tennis Federation, wrote on its official SNS on the 15th, “Don’t touch Son (Heung-min), table tennis players.”

“Especifically with ITTF Worlds2024 happening in South Korea,” he added.

It also posted a picture of Son Heung-min holding his head and suffering during the last Asian Cup match. This is related to the clash between Son Heung-min and Lee Kang-in.

This is interpreted as being wary of the recent discord within the Korean national soccer team at the Asian Cup negatively affecting the World Table Tennis Championships.

Suspicion of infighting by the Korean national soccer team, which was first reported by the British newspaper The Sun on the 14th, was unusually quick to admit.

According to this, South Korea had dinner together on the eve of the semifinals of the 2023 Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Qatar Asian Cup against Jordan.

In the process, some young players, including Lee Kang-in, Seol Young-woo and Jung Woo-young, finished their meals early and headed to the table tennis court next to the restaurant.

Son Heung-min, who judged that the noise at the table tennis court hurt the atmosphere, tried to restrain it, but his juniors did not listen, eventually leading to a physical fight.

There were even reports that Son Heung-min grabbed Lee Kang-in by the collar, and Lee Kang-in swung his fist. In the process, Son Heung-min’s right finger dislocated and played after taping.

After apologizing through SNS on the 14th, Lee Kang-in refuted that it was not true that he punched Son Heung-min through a legal representative on the 15th.

Table tennis is being mentioned as much as there is great interest in the Korean national soccer team. WTT seems to have pointed this out.

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