OLG Investigates for a Potential Insider Win in Brampton

A Brampton man has won a cool prize with Instant Super Saver Multiplier. However, the winning has been put on hold by the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation, as the regulator has kicked off an investigation over concerns of a potential insider win. The winner, Roshankumar Gandhi, will have to hear the result of the review to claim his winning.

OLG is a state-run Crown agency responsible for offering lottery and gambling options for the Province of Ontario. According to its rules, claims of prizes above US$10,000 made by insiders require enhanced review and validation, along with a 30-day publication period before awarding the windfall. This way it ensures that there are no additional claims on the winning ticket.

Winner Must Wait

The case for Mr. Gandhi is similar, as he is currently employed at an authorized OLG retailer in Brampton. He recently won the amazing CA$62,500 by playing Instant Super Saver Multiplier. However, the Crown corporation’s protocols state that his winning must also be subject to an enhanced review before he can finally claim the prizemoney.

As long as Mr. Gandhi is employed at a lottery retailer, his claim falls within the bracket of insider win. It was reported that he did not purchase or validate the ticket at his place of employment. Also, his prize will be paid out on February 10, 2024, provided that there are no additional claims. His winning ticket was purchased at the RAJ Kitchen Food Fair on Father Tobin Road in Brampton.

Bringing the Gold Rush

This week, OLG also announced the launch of its brand-new and innovative CA$25 Instant Gold Pursuit ticket. The first-of-its-kind lottery product combines the thrill of a scratch ticket with a twist on a classic lottery draw, as winning numbers have already been drawn and players have the opportunity to hunt and find a ticket that matches the winning combination.

There are 50 winning draw tickets which can be found across Ontario, each worth CA$100,000. Once a ticket is purchased, players can check if it comes with a top prize-winning number by using the retailer’s ticket checker or the OLG app. Also, these tickets come with Instant prizes which can range from CA$25 to CA$2,500.

Swipe or Scan on New Terminals

On top of overseeing and offering lottery, the Crown agency is always looking to improve its offerings for Ontarians. In April 2023, it said that new self-service lottery ticket terminals in the province would use a swiping or scanning system to verify identification. But first, the provincial government is required to make some amendments to the Gaming Control Act.

According to the Crown Corporation, the new and automated terminals will allow players to swipe or scan their driver’s license, passport, or other terms of identification to confirm they are above the required legal age. It ensured their information would not be stored in the machine’s memory or be uploaded somewhere else on OLG’s systems.

Source: Rosella, Louie “Huge lottery win by Brampton man under ‘enhanced review’ by OLG after buying ticket at convenience store” Toronto Star, January 10, 2024

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