Chatham Casino employee information leak may be exposed

In April this year, Gateway Casino & Entertainment affected Ontario operations. Now, the main operator of the land-based casino has informed former and current employees of Cascade Casino Chatham that their information could have been compromised. The company said it detected unauthorized access to personal information.

In mid-April 2023, Gateway Casino announced it had detected a cyberattack that caused all 14 gaming facilities across Ontario to close for more than two weeks. After working with cyber experts, the company was able to restore its IT systems and gradually open up its facilities. Work is now back to normal.

According to cybersecurity expert Ritesh Kotak, when a breach occurs, personal information is exposed in a wide range of cyberspace. Malicious actors exploit this data to benefit from its intrinsic value. The consequences for individuals range from identity theft and fraudulent loan applications to potential breaches on other platforms that require specific information.

In an email, the operator said he was not aware of any misuse of personal information at the time. To protect its employees, the company said it is offering free credit monitoring and identification plans for 12 months for its employees. The game leader claims immediate action was taken to prevent the incident while the investigation was still open.

In addition, the company said it would continue to work with experts to determine whether there was a leak in relation to customer information, but so far, no signs have been found, and it is also in contact with law enforcement, regulators, and privacy groups regarding cyberattacks.

Once the information is leaked, there is no going back, Mr. Kotak warned, but he offered some advice for people to protect themselves from such accidents. He urged individuals to set account notifications, monitor accounts, secure credit monitoring services, and even try something similar to using different email addresses.

Mr. Kotak advises companies to stop operating first and examine the extent of the compromise. Second, forensic audits must be conducted by experts to test the system and address vulnerabilities before returning online. Finally, continuous testing and vulnerability assessments are needed to ensure system security and prevent future incidents. Although time-consuming and expensive, this process is critical to keeping your system safe.

Meanwhile, technology expert Carmi Levy has advised companies on how to prevent these problems in the future. He explained that these cyberattacks are caused by individual mistakes because employees often open phishing emails. So he can avoid thinking like this in the future because he wants companies to provide more personal education on the subject.

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