We hired him to wrap up the game with Japan… SD Oh My, Hader’s farewell → Dodgers transfer rumor ‘Boomerang threat’

San Diego officially announced a two-year contract with South Korean right-hander Ko Woo-suk on the 4th (Korea time). According to local media reports, including “AP News,” a two-year guarantee of $4.5 million includes a mutual option of $3 million in 2026 annual salary. It will be a three-year contract of up to $9.4 million if the bonus and annual salary increase that can be received depending on the number of games played and the number of games finished.

Prior to this, the San Diego Padres acquired Matsui, a Japanese left-hander, for five years and 28 million U.S. dollars on April 24. The team added conditions to the team that allows the team to opt out after the third or fourth year of the season. On top of that, if the team meets a certain level of closing pitcher like Ko Woo-suk, its salary will increase next year due to bonus. In this case, Matsui’s contract will increase to a maximum of 33.6 million dollars.

The San Diego club’s purpose is clearly revealed in that both Ko Woo-suk and Matsui have added “finishing options.” San Diego, which has been tightening its belt to reduce payrolls (total team annual salary) this winter in the aftermath of massive investments over the past few years, cannot afford to catch Hader, who has been released as an FA. Hader’s contract renewal was over early on, and San Diego recruited Matsui and Ko Woo-suk one after another at relatively low prices to reinforce its bullpen.

The Dodgers is emerging as Hader’s destination after leaving San Diego. “MLB.com ” reported on Monday that the Dodgers and the Texas Rangers are showing interest in Hader, saying that Hader wants the highest five-year, 102 million-dollar contract signed by Edwin Diaz of the New York Mets last winter.

Hader, who debuted with the Milwaukee Brewers in 2017, is a left-handed three-quarter with good Decepter as he comes out hiding the ball. Hader, who demonstrated his power with 100-mile (160.9-kilometer) fastball and slider from a tricky angle, had 20 wins, 21 losses, 165 saves, 2.50 strikeouts, and 648 earned runs in 349 games (388 ⅔ innings) over the past seven years until last year. He is also the best ever to win the Trevor Hoffman Award, which is given to the best relief pitcher in the NL along with five All-Stars.

The Dodgers not only acquired Shohei Ohtani (10 years, 700 million dollars), but also pitcher Yoshinobu Yamamoto (325 million dollars, 12 years), but also acquired Tyler Glasnow, Tampa Bay Rays’ ace, in a five-year, 136.5 million-dollar extension contract. If Hader is also acquired by investing a large amount in addition, both starters and finishes will be tight.

If Hader goes to the Dodgers, which is on the same team, San Diego will be a loser. Even considering the financial difficulties, becoming a boomerang is burdensome. Depending on the performances of Ko Woo-suk and Matsui, San Diego’s choice will also be evaluated based on cool-headed criteria. Ko Woo-suk and Matsui played closing pitchers representing Korean and Japanese professional baseball, but they have yet to be verified in the Major League. As there are risks and need for adaptation, the team has yet to conclude the game. It is classified as a closing pitcher along with Roberto Suarez, who played the previous role of setup man.

Since his debut with the Rakuten Golden Eagles in 2014, Matsui has recorded 25 wins, 46 losses, 236 saves, 76 holds and an earned run average of 2.40 ⅔ in 501 games (659 strikeouts) in 10 seasons in the Japanese pro baseball league. He has risen three times just to become the “saviour king.” Despite his small height of 174 centimeters, Matsui uses various breaking balls, including sliders, cutters, and splitters, on fastballs at a maximum of 154 kilometers and mid to late 140 kilometers on average.

Since his debut with the LG Twins in 2017, Ko has played in a total of 354 games (368 ⅓ innings) with 19 wins, 26 losses, 139 saves, and six holds with an ERA of 3.18 strikeouts in seven seasons in the KBO League. He became the relief pitcher by achieving the record of 40 saves (42) for the first time in LG in 2022. Ko’s official profile is 182 centimeters tall, but his fastball speed of up to 158 kilometers is his trademark. His average fastball speed amounted to 151.6 kilometers this year.

With his Major League career, he cannot afford to give Hader his business card. However, they were the best pitchers in Korea-Japan professional baseball for several years, and San Diego believes in the careers and adaptability of the two players. Attention is focusing on whether the Go Woo-suk and Matsui duo will be able to fill Hader’s vacancy.

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