SOFTSWISS Appoints Carla Dualib to Strengthen LatAm Pivot

SOFTSWISS is continuing to expand its regional footprint as the company is poised to tap into the pent-up demand for quality solutions to power local gaming and sports wagering. To this end, the company has picked Carla Dualib as the company’s regional business development manager for Latin America.

Carla Dualib to Strengthen Existing Operations for Company in LatAm

She is an experienced sales, marketing, and communications executive which makes her a strong fit for the new position in the market. As the company’s newest manager, she will be at the helm of business development and engage in strategic negotiations. Dualib will also seek to establish robust collaborations and strengthen existing ties with local partners.

Dualib will also tour local events and seek to promote the SOFTSWISS’ good name and increase brand recognition as she leverages her deeper understanding of the industry and the local market’s particularities.

Commenting on her appointment, Dualib said that she was very excited to be joining this new position and be one of the go-to people for the company’s growth in Latin America.

She said that with SOFTSWISS’ ongoing efforts in Latin America, and with Brazil’s fast-evolving iGaming ecosystem, the company now has a great opportunity to achieve new milestones, strengthen its local partners, and generally continue to grow its own presence in the region.

Latin America is indeed of particular interest to SOFTSWISS, and the company has been making sure to engage with and invest in the region.

SOFTSWISS Is Committed to Building Its Footprint in the Region

Recently, the company announced a new server infrastructure which was deployed in the region to bolster the SOFTSWISS Game Aggregator, which has been supplying local partners with a rich library of third-party games.

Thanks to this new infrastructure, SOFTSWISS is capable of ensuring that the iGaming experience for partners in the region goes smoothly and without any interruptions. SOFTSWISS has been building up its offer well beyond. The company recently strengthened its Casino Platform with Livespins, one of the leaders in live casino gaming that utilizes a novelty category named after the company in which viewers can bet alongside streamers on specific slots.

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