Sihwan Noh 350 million won… Hanwha completes salary contract for 2024 season

He was definitely treated as a “homer king.”
Hanwha Eagles completed the annual salary contract for its players for the 2024 season on Tuesday. Out of the 45 players eligible for the contract, infielder Noh Si-hwan (23) recorded the highest increase, and right-hander Moon Dong-ju (21) recorded the highest increase rate, respectively.

Noh Si-hwan led his team’s batting lineup last year by winning two titles, home runs (31) and RBIs (101). In recognition of his stellar performance, his annual salary has risen vertically from 113 million won last year to 350 million won (31,000 dollars) this year. It is the highest increase in his team, up 219 million won (167 percent).

Moon won the Rookie of the Year award with eight wins and eight losses and an ERA of 3.72, setting a new record for the fastest speed limit for a Korean pitcher at 160.1 kilometers per hour. His annual salary has risen from 33 million won last year to 100 million won this year. This is an increase rate of 203 percent, the highest in his team.

Ju Hyun-sang and Yoon Dae-kyung, who achieved stellar performance as bullpen pitchers, have also entered the annual salary of hundreds of millions of dollars. Joo Hyun-sang rose from 58 million won (52 million dollars) to 52 million won (518,400 dollars), and Yoon Dae-kyung from 90 million won (120,700 dollars) to 20 million won, respectively, marking 110 million won (120,700 dollars). Joo Hyun-sang will receive an annual salary of 100 million won for the first time since his debut.

The salaries of Moon Hyun-bin (30 million won → 80 million won), Lee Jin-young (39 million won → 70 million won), and Lee Do-yoon (34 million won → 75 million won), who have jumped to the starting lineup by playing in more than 100 games, have also increased significantly. Kim Kang-min, who transferred through the second draft in November last year, signed for 110 million won, and Jung Woo-ram, who will play as a playing coach from this year, signed for 100 million won, respectively.

After the annual salary negotiations, the Hanwha team will depart for Australia via Incheon International Airport on Thursday and begin its spring camp on March 1. The team will complete its first training session in Melbourne, Australia until February 20, and move to Okinawa, Japan, for the second training session. The first camp will focus on improving defense and scoring skills by diversifying offensive routes, based on the guidance of chief coach Chung Kyung-bae, operation and baserunning coach Kim Jae-geol, outfield and first base coach Park Jae-sang, and defensive coach Kim Woo-seok, who joined the camp since November last year. At the second camp, the team will play a total of five practice games against Korean teams including the Samsung Lions, KT Wiz, and Lotte Giants, who will have camp in Okinawa, and the Hanshin Tigers of the Japanese professional baseball league, before returning to Korea on March 9.

A total of 58 players including coach Choi Won-ho and senior coach Chung Kyung-bae, 15 coaching staff and 43 players were on the roster. By position, the camp includes 22 pitchers, four catchers, 10 infielders and seven outfielders. Among the rookie players, Hwang Joon-seo, a pitcher, and Hwang Young-mook, an infielder, were included.

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