‘Mini-camps’ organized by seniors are the new trend

‘Mini-camps’ organized by seniors are the new trend.

SSG Landers organizes a “mini-camp” for the younger players during the inactive season. Kim Kwang-hyun and Choo Shin-soo do individual training with the juniors. With the start date of spring training for the 10 teams set for February 1 due to the inactive season, the official camp schedule will start later than in the past. A few years ago, mid-January and early January were the norm, but a reaffirmation of the inactive season rule with the Korea Baseball Players Association pushed the start date back. Nowadays, players depart around January 30 so that they can start training on February 1.

As a result, players who need personal training are either self-funding their own training, or they have to do more personal training in Korea. Some athletes want the camp start date to be pushed back. This is because personal training leads to spending. Even if the players were to go to the camps a week earlier, it would be very complicated, 토토사이트 as they would have to settle their expenses with their clubs.

However, it is unlikely that the rules will be changed again.

Therefore, the trend is for players to prepare for camps with coaching at their own expense, and for senior players who can afford it to train with juniors. Recently, the Lotte Giants made headlines when Lee Dae-ho, who is now retired, revealed his plans to train with prospect Han Dong-hee in the United States. At SSG, Kim Kwang-hyun and Choo Shin-soo decided to train with their juniors again this year after last year.

Kim Kwang-hyun departed for Okinawa, Japan on March 3 with juniors Oh Won-seok, Baek Seung-gun, Shin Heon-min, and Lee Ki-soon. They had been working out individually in Korea and decided to join the ‘KK Pyo Mini-Camp’ together. Last year, Kim Kwang-hyun took his junior left-handed pitchers, including Oh Won-seok and Lee Ki-soon, to train in Okinawa at his own expense, and this year, the number of members increased as right-handed pitchers Lee and Shin joined them. A total of six pitchers will train in pairs. A personal trainer also traveled with them.

Kim Kwang-hyun is paying for all of their expenses. He paid for their accommodation, meals, and training venues in Okinawa. The juniors only had to buy their own round-trip airline tickets. This is a great opportunity for juniors. They can prepare for the new season in warm weather and good conditions with the varsity team.

Choo Shin-soo also chose to work out at home in Texas with juniors Ha Jae-hoon and Park Jong-hoon.

After spending the end of the year in Korea, Choo will fly back to the United States with his family on December 4. He has a training facility at his home in Texas. His old training coach will also be there to help him train. Ha Jae-hoon and Park Jong-hoon will leave the country on the 10th. Choo Shin-soo’s home, which was shown on his wife’s YouTube channel, 토토사이트 추천 is a large mansion with a swimming pool, billiard room, movie theater, and even “room and board”. Last year, Ha Jae-hoon and Park Jong-hoon also stayed here to work out before moving on to the team’s camp in Florida.

“When else would I go to Shin Soo-hyung’s house but at a time like this,” Jong-hoon laughed, “At the beginning of last year’s season, Shin Soo-hyung first asked me, ‘Do you want to train with me in the winter at my house?’ At first, I said, ‘Okay,’ without thinking much about it, but later, he actually said, ‘I’ve made arrangements, so please come. I have a brand new house with all the facilities to train in, and the environment is really good. I don’t think I took advantage of it last year, and this year I’m going to try to train properly in a warm place. It takes me a long time to adjust to jet lag, so we’re going to go to Texas early, work out together, and then go to Florida together.”

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