Macao, Golden Week Up to 90,000 Visitors a Day: MGTO

Macau’s tourism agency expects to receive an average of “80,000 to 90,000” visitors a day during the Golden Week in October.

This year, the State Council of China designated September 29 to October 6 as a golden holiday in October. This year, the period includes Mid-Autumn Festival, which falls on September 29 on the lunar calendar, and China’s national holiday, which falls on October 1.

Maria Helena de Sena Fernandez, director of the Macau Government Tourism Authority (MGTO), made the forecast in comments to local media on Sunday.

Speaking on the sidelines of the public event, Ms Sena Fernandez said, “The next peak [of Macao visitors] should be China’s Mid-Autumn Festival Golden Week and National Day periods.”

She added that Macau had “an average of more than 100,000 visitors to ″ per day during the month of the summer in August, with an average hotel stay rate of “90% or more.”

“As the summer holiday period ends in mainland China and other tourism supply markets, average daily visitor arrivals have fallen to “60,000 to 70,000 ″s” so far in September,” a tourism official said.

Sena Fernandez said in a recent commentary that it would be “very difficult” for the average daily tourist to visit Macau during the Golden Week in October to exceed the August figure.

Regarding the tourist arrivals, she added, “Even before the pandemic, August was the best month of the year. Hopefully, 80,000 to 90,000 visitors [daily average] will arrive during the upcoming Golden Week.”

Macau recorded nearly 2.76 million visitor arrivals in July, just above the daily average of 89,000, according to data from the Macau Statistical Office. This is still 21.8 percent lower than the tally recorded in July 2019, when the average daily visitor arrivals in Macau was 113,878.

The National Statistical Office has yet to release the visitor arrival data for August this year. It will release it later this month.

In her remarks Sunday, Sena Fernandez also told reporters that her department plans to use incentives and other subsidies to attract tourists from international markets, and will suspend existing discount plans that benefit visitors from mainland China. The latter remains Macau’s most important supply market for gaming and tourism trade.

The MGTO director said, “Whether it’s an allowance or other incentive to support individual travelers or groups of travelers, it’s for overseas markets, but while mainland China is relatively stable, overseas markets are no longer for mainland China because they are markets where we need to focus our efforts.”

Macau has a public policy aspiration to increase the proportion of tourists, including gambling tourists. The MGTO recently mentioned offering discounts to overseas consumers on the cost of flights to Macau’s regional hub airport.

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