It’s hard to make Son Heung-min’s successor…Tottenham goes all the way to the brink

Tottenham Hotspur F.C. has made efforts to recruit Nusa for a fee of 26 million pounds. However, it is said that Nusa decided that he would not be able to play as a mainstay if he goes to Tottenham, so he turned to Brentford, a mid-ranking team affiliated with London.

The Mirror, a popular British newspaper, reported on the 29th (Korea time), “Tottenham was about to recruit Nusa in the winter transfer market. It has also been confirmed that manager Enze Postecoglou strongly wanted Nusa and is negotiating. However, Brentford’s interception of Nusa has brought the situation back to square one.”

Several alternative resources are being discussed. “Juventus’ Samuel Ealing Jr. is considered an alternative,” the popular magazine “Express” reported. “Juventus has scored one goal and two assists in 12 substitutes this season. Juventus is also ready to accept a 15.5 million pound offer.”

Ealing Jr., a former Chelsea youth, gained experience with Juventus’ senior teams in 2020. He has been on the senior team since the summer of 2022 and is set to help with one goal and two assists in 12 games this season. In the 2023-24 Italian Serie A 21st round away match against Lecce on the 21st, he helped Bremer score a wedge goal, helping him to a 3-0 victory.

Ealing Jr., a young striker born in 2003, is a cost-effective striker who matches Tottenham’s desire and has potential. He can also enjoy the effect of saving money for his transfer.

The next resource will be Sebastian Simanski (Fenerbahce). He is playing for the Polish national team and is faithfully playing the role of assistant to Robert Lewandowski (FC Barcelona). He can play as both a side striker and a central striker.

Fenerbahce also has nine goals and eight assists in 23 matches. He was hired by Dynamo Moscow for 9.8 million euros. Fenerbahce intends to approve the transfer of Szymanski for around 20 million euros.

The media said, “Symanski is interested in playing in the Premier League. If Tottenham’s proposal comes, he will not hesitate.”

There is also Jota, who was coach Postecoglou’s instructor when he was playing for Celtic. Jota, hailing from Portugal, played for Celtic and then moved to Al Itihad in Saudi Arabia. He was more exposed to the sport in the AFC Champions League (ACL) than in the league.

Matthias Sule (Prosinone), an Argentine national, is also waiting. He left Juventus for Frosinone on loan this season. His contract expires in the summer. He has scored nine goals in 20 games to demonstrate his presence. Juventus has priority, but there is also a condition that he transfers completely after loan. The question is whether Tottenham pays the transfer fee of 24 million euros.

There is not much time left for choice. No one knows who will be in Tottenham’s arms.

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