FBM launches ‘Lil Strike’ on new Oria cabinet

FBM has launched its slot product, Reel Strike, into the company’s new Auria cabinet. The games offered are “Wu Ĺng Empire” and “Noelani Fortress.”

They include ‘Wild Storm’ and ‘Mega Free Spin’ features. The latter allows games to be transformed from 3×5 displays to 8×5 displays, and says FBM, a casino slot machine and electronic bingo expert who “makes the reel higher and makes the merchandise bigger.”

The Oolong Empire uses the story of the warrior and the theme of the warrior. At Fort Noelani, the player’s victory is revealed through the warrior’s axe and shield.

New slotted products and cabinets were released in 2023 for the Global Gaming Expo (G2E). The four-day event runs until Oct. 12 at the Venetian Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada, the United States.

The Auria cabinet comes in five different shapes.

“We strongly believe that Auria will become a byword for higher profitability and player engagement for casino operators and memorable gaming sessions for FBM players,” Renato Almeida, director of FBM, said in a press release.

The Auria Tri offers three 27-inch screens, while the Auria Classica has two 23.8-inch screens and a 23.8-inch top screen. The Auria Journey uses a 49-inch J-screen and a 27-inch top screen, while the Auria Inversa has the same configuration as the upside-down position of the J-screen, as its name suggests. The Auria Maxima uses a flat 49-inch screen and a 27-inch top screen.

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