‘Surprise guest’ Choi Dong-won’s arrival at Lotte brings 64-year-old friend to tears

It was a ‘surprise guest’ that no one expected.

The Korea Professional Baseball Organization held the ‘2023 Nutriday Ilgoo Award’ ceremony at the Rivera Hotel in Cheongdam-dong, Seoul on the 8th.

The event was held as usual.

Kim Kwang-soo, chairman of the Ilgukhoe, gave a welcome speech, followed by congratulatory remarks from Heo Koo-yeon, president of the KBO, and Kim Hyung-dae, CEO of Nutriday.

However, there was a ‘surprise guest’ that no one expected.

The late Choi Dong-won, the former second team coach of the Hanwha Eagles, delivered a congratulatory speech on the screen.

Choi passed away in 2011 after battling colon cancer.

The Ilgukhoe reimagined Choi Dong-won, whose name is still very nostalgic, with AI technology.

Choi’s face appeared on the screen, and he gave a speech in an AI-restored voice. “

You’re all surprised, right? Nice to meet you.

I’m Choi Dong-won,” he began.

“Mr. Heo Gu-yeon.

It’s been a long time.

Should I call you Mr. President now? 카지노사이트777

Congratulations on your reappointment, and please continue to do your best for Korean baseball.”

He left words of encouragement for Heo, saying, “Coach Kim Sung-geun.

It’s great to see your face on the air so often these days.

The weather has gotten very cold, so take care of yourself.

Director Kim In-sung. My heart aches every time I think about your uncomfortable body.

You have been a great pillar of Korean baseball, and Korean baseball will never forget you.

Coach Kang Byung-chul, when Lotte won the championship in 1984, it seems like yesterday, but 40 years have already passed,” he said in a message to his former coaches.

Finally, Choi Dong-won addressed his friend Kwang-soo Kim, saying, “Finally, my friend Kwang-soo, we played together since middle school, but time flies.

It’s great to see you striving for Korean baseball and baseball people as the Ilguk president.

I’m glad you’re giving me this opportunity.

I’ll always support you.” He sent a message of support.

As he watched, Kim Kwang-soo, the Il-gu president, couldn’t hide his tears.

Although it was the virtual voice of former coach Choi Dong-won, he couldn’t help but feel nostalgic for his friend who had gone to heaven first.

His message ended with the words, “I will always pray for the infinite development of Korean baseball and the Ilgukhoe.” I wonder if he would have left a message like this if he were still with us.

Choi Dong-won is an icon of “old school” Busan and a legendary figure in Korean baseball.

Choi’s four-game shutout in the 1984 Korean Series to lead the Lotte Giants to their first-ever Korean Series title is still a memorable moment nearly 40 years later.

His friend Kim Kwang-soo is the new bench coach at Lotte.

Lotte hired “championship hitman” Kim Tae-hyung to restart the championship clock, which is still stuck at 1992, and Kim Tae-hyung wants to bolster the strength of the bench by bringing in Kim Kwang-soo, who is eight years his senior.

With the support of former coach Choi Dong-won, who will be praying for Lotte’s good fortune from heaven, Kim Kwang-soo will be able to coach the players with more enthusiasm.

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