SSG’s Muscle Man And Curly Hair

Ahead of the weekend game against the Samsung Lions on August 12, conditioning coaches wearing muscle man T-shirts and wigs entered the ground where SSG Landers training was held. 안전놀이터 The team in training was filled with laughter.

All conditioning coaches, including senior conditioning coach Park Chang-min, came up with an idea to reverse the team’s atmosphere at a time when the team’s atmosphere may be sagging due to the hot weather and team’s performance in the second half.

Coaches who wore Hawaiian Shirts last year gathered a lot of agendas for the upgraded outfit this time, and chose the most effective one. At first, I only chose a muscle man shirt. However, I bought additional exotic wigs and introduced them for the first time today.

The players also responded to the efforts of the conditioning coaches. As soon as both Seo Jin-yong and Park Jong-hoon entered the ground, they wore soft wigs from conditioning coaches and participated in the coaches’ events, creating a friendly atmosphere even before warm-up training.

SSG senior conditioning coach Park Chang-min said, The conditioning part is in charge of treatment and training for the players, but we thought about ways to help the team atmosphere in addition to this main job at a time when the game is not going as well as we thought in the second half. I wanted to create a flexible team atmosphere through laughter, and I chose muscle man shirts and wig event costumes. Fortunately, all the players thank you for repaying them with bright smiles from work time, and I hope this atmosphere will lead to good results, he said with a smile.

SSG pitcher Park Jong-hoon said, I am grateful to the conditioning coaches for their efforts despite their appearance. It’s a good purpose, and I hope our team will all join together to continue the good atmosphere, he replied.

Pitcher Seo Jin-yong, who wore a curly wig himself, also said, As soon as I went to work today, I laughed at the coaches’ costumes. I sincerely thank you for starting the day with a smile, he said.

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