‘Little Tiger’ imitating Woods at age 7…the year he won it all

His grandparents, who were in attendance, were full of praise for their grandson.
“He’s been good at everything since he was a kid.

He never learned to bowl, but he’s a picture perfect bowler.” (Grandma)
“He was good at golf from the beginning because he hated to lose.” (Grandfather)
Jang Yubin (21-Korea National University of Arts) couldn’t help but smile at his grandparents’ repeated praise.

In fact, his golf started with his grandfather. “

When I was seven years old, I went to visit my grandfather in Gangwon Province, and since I had nothing to do, he took me to the driving range.

After that, he encouraged me to keep playing,” he says.

His grandfather was by his side when he first picked up a golf club and gave him a lot of advice, so his first coach became his grandfather.
Both of his grandparents come from athletic backgrounds.

His grandfather, Jang Young-il (83), played tennis, and his grandmother, Cha Hwa-ja (80), was a national champion in soft tennis.

Together, they once won four straight senior tennis tournaments.

“I played singles (for golfers with a handicap of 9 to 1) within six months of learning the game,” Jang said.

The athletic DNA has been passed down to his grandson, Yubin Zhang.
At the Hangzhou Asian Games, which ended in October, Zhang Yubin, along with Lim Sung-jae (25), Kim Siu (28), and Cho Woo-young (22), won the gold medal in the men’s team golf event.

They finished 25 strokes clear of the second-place tie.

It was the first men’s team gold medal in golf in 13 years, since Guangzhou 2010.

The men’s team consisted of two professionals (Lim Sung-jae and Kim Si-woo) and two amateurs (Jang Yubin and Cho Woo-young), but the Asian Games were postponed by a year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, so Jang’s professional debut was delayed by a year as he was assigned an amateur quota.

In the meantime, he participated in the Gunsan CC Open on the Korean Professional Golf Association (KPGA) Korean Tour in August and won the title.

Because of his amateur status, he did not receive any prize money.

“When the Asian Games were postponed, I was upset and frustrated,” Jang told Hankyoreh on Nov. 23 at Lotte Hotel in Sogong-dong, Seoul, “but looking back on it now, I feel like the year has made me grow more.

I’m glad I was able to show a better performance this year than last year.

During her time on the national team, she also talked a lot with Lim Sung-jae and Kim Si-woo, who play on the PGA Tour, and it was great to ask them about their short game. 온라인카지노

I also got to hear about their preparation process and mindset, as I dream of playing the PGA in the future.

The best part was getting an autograph from the ‘Emperor of LoL’ Faker, who I’ve always been a fan of, at the player’s village.

Jang Yubin said the Gunsan CC Open was a turning point in his golf career.

At the time, he was four strokes behind the leader after three rounds, but shaved seven strokes off his lead in the final four rounds to win the tournament in a playoff. “

The winning putt on the 18th hole of the Gunsan CC Open was a 1-meter putt, which is the most difficult for me.

I often missed 1-meter putts, but after I made the putt at Gunsan CC, even under heavy pressure, I improved a lot,” Jang said.

By winning the Gunsan CC Open, Jang Yubin earned a three-year pass (full seed) to the KPGA. Shortly after the Asian Games, he turned professional.
Jang has a unique jinx. Before teeing off on a par-5 hole, he must drink banana milk.

Strangely enough, drinking banana milk leads to birdies, so he always prepares four banana milks (there are four par-5s in 18 holes) before a round.

I never cut my nails four days before a tournament. Sometimes he doesn’t cut his nails for a whole month. “

Your hands sweat a lot, so it’s better that way” (my grandmother).

He only plays ball in the order of “two-four-one-three”.
His nickname as a child was Little Tiger.

When he first started playing golf, the driving range only played a loop of Tiger Woods’ (USA) swing, so he tried to imitate it, and the adults around him called him “Little Tiger”.

Woods is also a role model.

He hopes to be inducted into the Golf Hall of Fame in the future, but he still needs to work on his putter and short game. “

The short game can be practiced endlessly,” says Zhang.

You can control the shot as long as you know the swing mechanics, but I think I need to keep learning the short game.”
“Golf is like a girlfriend,” she said. “

You can’t get too attached, and you can’t get too far away, but you have to keep a certain distance,” she said.

I think about that a lot, especially when I’m handling the putter, so I try to approach it carefully and cautiously.

Jang Yubin loves sports, including soccer, bowling, table tennis, billiards, and badminton, and says that if she hadn’t become a golfer, she “would have been a soccer player.”

In 2023, he won his first KPGA Tour victory and a gold medal, and in 2024, he made a name for himself on the tour.

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