Its Furious at Club President for Assaulting Referee

When a club executive assaulted a referee in the Süper Lig, the highest league in Turkiye, Pierluigi Colina

the head of the FIFA (Federation Internationale de Football Association) referee, commented as follows.

A shocking incident occurred. On the 12th, the league match between MKE Ankara and Kayserispo was held. 

Kayserispo scored a dramatic equalizer in extra time in the second half when they were down 0-1. At this time, an ‘unreasonable’ incident occurred where Ankaragui president Farouk Coca

who missed the victory right before his eyes, stormed the ground and assaulted the referee.

Chairman Lee committed assault several times, including hitting the referee in the face with his foot even when he was down. Due to this incident 카지노사이트

Chairman Coca was dismissed from the team, and the Süper Lig was suspended indefinitely.

“Thousands of referees around the world are subjected to verbal and physical abuse in low-level matches,” Colina said. Knowing this is truly terrible

 And most of them are young referees with short careers. 

It is impossible to inflict violence on the referee just because he made a wrong decision,” he said angrily.

He added, “It’s not an exaggeration. It’s like lighting a fire. In some countries

bombs or setting fire to the referee’s car are used. “It’s not that rare,” he said.

Doing something is the responsibility of everyone who loves the game. 

This is something that must be done before it is too late, before ‘cancer’ kills soccer,” he said.

The Turkiye Football Federation (TFF) decided to hold an extraordinary meeting to discuss this situation. 

TFF President Mehmet Buyukesh said: “It was a shameful night for Turkish football. 

He predicted strict action, saying, “Everyone involved in this incident will pay the price.”

“A detention order has been issued for President Koca,” said Interior Minister Ali Yerlikaya Turkiye. 

Two people have already been detained as part of the judicial investigation into this incident,” he said

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