“First participation in the team, a meaningful start”

The Kia Tigers participated in an environmental cleanup activity in Mt. Musan with the Mt. Musan National Park Office of the National Park Service on the 30th.

The Kia Tigers players and staff traveled around the Mt. Musan National Park’s core area, picking up trash, removing ecologically threatening plants, and conducting environmental safety campaigns for hikers.

Prior to the cleanup, the team donated old jerseys worn by the team this season to the National Park Service. The donated jerseys will be utilized in the upcycling program of the National Park Service and reborn as gloves and socks.

“I think it was a meaningful start for the players to directly participate in activities to protect the environment of Mt. Musan, which represents our hometown of Gwangju,” said KIA captain Na Sung-beom. “We will continue to play our part in protecting and maintaining Mt. Musan next year.”

Meanwhile, 카지노사이트넷 the KIA Tigers signed a business agreement with the Mt. Aseong National Park Office earlier this season and have been conducting various activities to protect the mountain.

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