BC Announces Year That Set Lotto Winnings Record

2021 was quite generous to the BC state population in terms of winning the lottery, according to the British Columbia Lottery Company’s annual report. 릴게임사이트 In fact, the state marked a record year for local lottery enthusiasts to be awarded more than C$890 million in cash prize money from winning tickets totaling C$102 million.

BCLC is a social responsibility lottery and gambling regulator run by the state government of British Columbia. Its goal is to provide socially responsible gambling services to local residents, while also channeling profits to state governments to support economic growth. At the end of the year, the agency released a highlight report for many winners.

This year, the Crown Agency reported a total of 102 million winning tickets to players at retail stores and online. This year’s biggest prize money was Christine Lawson’s. She won CA$70 million from Lotto Max in a lottery on Sept. 28. Now, Mr. Lausson is the winner of the biggest lottery ticket in the province’s history.

Linda Cabano, interim chairman and CEO of BCLC, said as the calendar year draws to a close, the agency is celebrating the victory of many athletes who have helped many people achieve their lifelong dreams. According to her, Crown can generate provincial revenues that are later invested back into the community thanks to many players.

The largest portion of the lottery winnings will be awarded to Lower Maine and Fraser Valley, which are responsible for $421 million of the 48.8 million total winnings, with 36 grand prizes awarded in areas worth at least $500,000, plus more than 10.6 million free play tickets won by local players.

The Thompson-Nicola and Okanagan regions also earned CA$225.9 million in prizes paid in the province in 2021. Each region collected a total of 14.3 million winning tickets, 14 of which were grand prizes worth more than CA$500,000. We are also reporting 2.8 million won in free tickets.

As already mentioned, the biggest lottery win in British Columbia’s history was recorded in 2021, and went to Christine Lawson of Burnaby. The winner explained that it was the quick pick option that brought her luck after asking for her huge check at the BCLC office. Her life-changing tickets were bought at a shopping drug mart on Hastings Street in Burnaby.

Thanks to its large number of participants, BCLC is able to pour its profits back into the province and contribute to economic growth. In the summer, Crown Corporation reported fiscal 2020/21 results, giving the province a net return of $419 million. Lottery revenue also rose, reporting a record $544 million.

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