5 billion shortstop, July batting average of ‘shock

Roh Jin-hyuk, who signed a four-year, 5 billion won free agent (FA) contract with Lotte this year, was the key to Lotte’s rise from April to May. He not only maintained his position as a shortstop, but also served as a detonator for the batters. He claimed to be a troubleshooter in the 6th to 7th batting order, the link between the center and the lower batting line.

By May, he had a batting average of .287 (39 hits in 136 at-bats), 3 home runs, 22 RBIs, and OPS.800. During this period, the scoring batting average was only .25 (9 hits in 36 at-bats), but he hit three final hits and recorded a batting average of .423 (11 hits in 26 at-bats) within two runs of the seventh inning. It was the man of the clutch, as evidenced by the record.

However, due to chronic back pain and side pain, performance began to drop sharply, and Lotte’s batters also lost strength. Roh Jin-hyuk’s vacancy was large. He was eliminated from the first team on June 15 and left for 20 days. Coincidentally, Roh Jin-hyuk’s sluggishness and the team’s downward graph matched. From June to the first half of the year, Noh Jin-hyuk played only 14 games and had a batting average of 1.56 (7 hits in 45 at-bats) OPS.It was only 424 points. During this period, the team had only 11 wins and 22 losses in 33 games.

Lotte’s 5th winning rate collapsed at the end of the first half and still in desperate need of a 50% winning rate recovery, but Noh Jin-hyuk’s role is absolute. After the centerline, Noh Jin-hyuk is the batter who will add weight and instill a sense of intimidation in the lower batting line, but he has not been able to deliver the role.

Noh Jin-hyuk returned on the 5th of this month and played two games after the All-Star break, but he still has not recovered his original cool blow. In the eight games he played after recovering from his injury, his batting average was only 74. (2 hits in 27 at-bats). And it is currently silent for four consecutive games, including the last two games in the first half and the first two games in the second half. The match against Kiwoom in Sajik on the 22nd was a day that Roh Jin-hyuk, who was originally in good condition, missed. All of the tables set up for the silent Noh Jin-hyuk remained as a remnant.

Noh Jin-hyuk, who started as the seventh shortstop, entered the scoring opportunity in the first inning. After allowing four runs in the top of the first inning, he recovered one run in the bottom of the first inning and made a two-out full base opportunity in front of Roh Jin-hyuk. However, even after starting Kiwoom, he couldn’t get the timing right at all on his body and stepped down with a foul fly by the third baseman. The first opportunity fell through. In the fourth inning, leadoff hitter Park Seung-wook walked on base, but Noh Jin-hyuk hit a fly ball to left field. In the fifth inning, the chance to score with two outs and runners on first and third bases was re-established, but he recorded a fly ball to left field.

The same goes for episode 7. He entered at the opportunity of one out and second base, but once again, a fly ball to left field was recorded. There were pitches that did not suit Roh Jin-hyuk, who created a strong ball by forming a hitting point in the front. The timing of the balls to the left was all late. At least, he saved face by walking on base and saving face in the at-bat after the leadoff hitter Park Seung-wook’s double in the ninth inning.

There were only seven runners who couldn’t come home in front of Noh Jin-hyuk. If the troubleshooter’s appearance, which was shown in April and May, had returned, Lotte’s vain defeat would not have come out on this day. For Lotte, runners got on base every inning except in the third inning, but lost 3-5 with only three points. With 13 hits and seven walks, 20 people got on base, with 16 remaining bases. Noh Jin-hyuk should play an active role as the core of the second half’s leap forward. However, Roh Jin-hyuk is still unable to wake up from his summer sleep. When will Roh Jin-hyuk’s resurrection take place.

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