The V League Enjoyed By Mega Hyo, The Changed Landscape Created By The Asian Quarter

The men’s and women’s V-League for the 2023-2024 season started amid a new change in recruiting in the Asian quarter. 토토사이트 It contains a big picture of discovering Southeast Asian volleyball players and making them a new engine in the V League amid our weak volleyball base. In a situation where the supply of players is absolutely insufficient, there is also a hidden intention to check the rising ransom of V-League players. The average pay for the women’s team in the V League is 152 million won, and the annual salary for men and women in the Asian quarter is fixed at 100,000 dollars about 135 million won.

The introduction of the Asian quarter is positively evaluated at the time of the first round. There are still many players with question marks on their skills in the men’s team, but in the women’s team, the emergence of players with skills and popularity raises expectations.

Megawatty Puttiwi, the main Apogit Spiker of the Indonesian national team, is the leading player in the rise of Jeonggwanjang. Jeong Kwan-jang’s official social network service has seen a sharp increase from about 20,000 followers until July to 80,000 in just a few months. It is an unusual surge in the volleyball world, and it is analyzed as a mega effect.

Indonesian fans are showing explosive support. The consumption power of Jeong Kwan-jang’s mega-related SNS contents is so popular that it exceeds 10,000 to 20,000. The number of Indonesian fans cheering for Mega at each stadium is also steadily increasing. In the match against Pepper Savings Bank in Gwangju on the 5th, away fans who wanted to cheer for Mega moved into three buses. More than anything else, Mega is excellent in terms of performance. Mega, the first Muslim player in the V League, also drew attention by wearing a hijab on the court, and is currently ranked at the top of most offensive indicators, including third place in scoring (138 points) and second place in the overall attack 48.46%.

Indonesian media recently reported, Mega is called Mega Tron and has become a new idol in Korean women’s volleyball. Mega, a former soccer player, said, I am happy to be the first Indonesian player to play in Korea, adding, As Shin Tae-yong leads the Indonesian national team, he is quite famous in Indonesia, and I will also introduce Indonesia to Korea. I will do better so that other players can come here, he said.

Ponfun Gedfard, who is in charge of distributing IBK’s ball as a setter for the Thai national team, Hyundai Engineering & Construction’s outside heater Wipawi Sithong Thailand, and Pepper Savings Bank’s middle blocker MJ Phillips Philippines also show high-quality performances. In the men’s division, Korea Electric Power Corporation’s Libero Igarohei from Japan stands out. Ryohei is currently ranked second in receiving 54.26 % efficiency, second in the dig 2.9 per set and first in defense 5.95 per set.

KOVO is looking to explore the Asian market, including selling broadcasting rights. A KOVO official said, Currently, volleyball in Asia is characterized by pursuing fast play in line with the global volleyball flow. If Asian quarter players who are accustomed to such plays flow into the V-League and show various and interesting plays, new attractions will be created for fans, he expressed his expectation.

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