Oh Ji-hwan receives the late Koo Bon-moo Rolex: “I will give it to Chairman Koo Kwang-mo”

The LG Twins players are in for a warm winter after winning the KBO title for the first time in 29 years. They will receive more than 4.4 billion won in dividends and championship bonuses.
According to Article 47 of the KBO League Rules, the KBO Secretariat will distribute the remaining amount of postseason gate receipts, after expenses, to the five teams that participated in the postseason as dividends.

The first-place team in the regular season gets 20% of the dividend, and the remaining amount is divided into 50% for the Korean Series winner, 24% for the runner-up, 14% for the team that lost in the playoffs, 9% for the team that lost in the semi-playoffs, and 3% for the team that lost in the wild card game.
All 14 postseason games this year generated approximately $9.62 billion in gate revenue.

After subtracting the costs of organizing the event, 4.9 billion won will be divided among the five teams.

As the first-place team in the regular season, Elsie gets 20 percent, or 980 million won, first, and then 50 percent, or 1.963 billion won, of the remaining 3.927 billion won. 카지노사이트777

That’s 2.93 billion won in dividends alone.
In addition, the team can receive a bonus from the parent group of up to 50% of the total dividends.

The bonus is capped because it varies depending on the parent group’s financial situation.

As a result, the Elgee team can receive about 1.47 billion won from the group, which is 50% of the 2.94 billion won in dividends.

Combined with the dividend, that’s 4.41 billion won.

Clubs usually pay bonuses to players based on their contribution to the game.
Oh Ji-hwan, who was named the Most Valuable Player (MVP) of the Korean Series, received the MVP prize of 10 million won, as well as a Rolex watch left by the late ELG Group Chairman Koo Bon-moo, who said, “I will give it to Chairman Koo Kwang-mo as it is a relic of the late chairman.”

Before the Korean Series, L.G. promised to pick one player besides the MVP to receive a 10 million won prize from his own pocket, and he chose Park Dong-won and Yoo Young-chan at the same time.

He originally planned to give them 5 million won each, but changed his mind and decided to give them 10 million won each.

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