NYRA Enters NFT Partnership With Silk Game

The New York Racing Association is again trying to attract a new generation of fans, and may just have found a way. 카지노 This week, the organization announced that it will be collaborating with NFT-based brand Game of Silk. Through the partnership, the latter becomes NYRA’s official blockchain gaming and metaverse partner.

Game of Silk is an online game related to the real thoroughbred horse racing industry. It operates using blockchain technology, a system that makes it practically impossible to change registered information. Its advanced technology makes it a perfect fit for an association that wants to attract a younger crowd to racetracks.

Troy Levy, chief operating officer, vice president, and co-founder of Game of Silk, called the deal an incredible achievement for the company that could attract a lot of new people. In order for users to play, they must purchase NFTs that represent unique racing silk that are used as their identity in the metaverse and displayed on online horses, stables, and other assets.

Players can receive various rewards related to the actual success of NFT horses on the track or kennel. In the industry, when horses gain popularity, they are generally close to retirement, but in silk games, players become familiar with horses a year and a half before their actual racing debut.

Now, through the agreement, the NYRA will use NYRA-produced Fox Sports shows such as America’s Day at the Races and Saratoga Live to keep the game’s players updated and informed. The blockchain company also plans to create digital copies of three tracks in New York City – Saratoga Race Course, Belmont Park, and Aqueduct Racketrack.

Finally, Mr. Levy said that his company’s NFT-based games have a player base between the ages of 20 and 70. He explained that there are more than 28,000 licensed horse owners in the racing sector, and in less than a year his game has formed a community of 25,000 people who go online and discuss racehorses with each other.

In the summer, New York Airlines partnered with Amplifying Horse Racing to offer an Experience Saratoga tour. The goal of the plan was to invite teenagers and young people to join the behind-the-scenes educational tour of the historic Saratoga Race Course. There were also presentations on education, personnel, and international opportunities in the field of obedience.

Recently, the NYRA announced a full schedule for 2023 that promises tremendous potential for sports fans and the players of Game of Silk. According to the NYRA, next year’s schedule will be 202 live races against three tracks. The most anticipated events are the 95th run of the Whitney on August 5 and the 154th run on August 26.

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