KT And LG Are Absolute Advantages After Losing Power? If You Let Your Guard Down

2023 Korean Series. It will be held as a matchup between the LG Twins and KT Wiz. The big match board between the first and second place teams in the regular season was set up. T스포츠토토핫 he last and best game of autumn baseball is expected.

KT became the final winner of the playoffs. KT won 3-2 in the final fifth game of the playoffs against the NC Dinos at Suwon KT Wiz Park on the 5th. He is the second-ranked team in the regular season and the first-come, first-served team in the playoffs, but lost both the first and second games at home, and was on the brink of collapse. However, he did not give up and succeeded in turning around against NC, where his physical strength was drastically reduced. He completed his fifth reverse sweep in the postseason, which is one of the best-of-five games in history, and his third reverse sweep if limited to playoffs.

It is widely believed that physical strength is important in a short-term match. It has already been proven to be NC, which suffered a reverse sweep. KT also lost its strength through the fifth game. On top of that, the team is also losing 6 wins and 10 losses to LG in the regular season. However, it is premature to think that KT will lose out to LG unconditionally.

First, the sense of play is a problem. He played five games, but he rested for about three weeks after the end of the regular season and was fully charged with his physical strength.

Rather than using up physical strength, you can evaluate the feeling raised through five games more positively. In fact, the more KT plays, the sharper the batters’ swings are. On the contrary, no matter how thoroughly LG has prepared, the first and second games are likely to have a hard time with the sense of play that batters have dropped like KT in the playoffs.

If you are ahead in the starting fight, you are ahead, but there is no feeling that you are behind. It is regrettable that Benjamin, the LG killer, was used in Game 5 of the playoffs, but he can fight with Ko Young-pyo and Cuevas in the first and second rounds of the away game. Ko Young-pyo, who was injured, but returned after recovering, looked better in ball power. Cuevas, who showed his fighting spirit after a three-day break in the playoffs, can take four days off and play in the Korean Series if he takes the mound in Game 2.

If you come back after only one win and one loss in the away game, Benjamin is waiting and KT can take a chance to bring the atmosphere. Benziman reigned as a natural enemy with four wins, no losses, and a 0.84 ERA in five games against LG in this regular season.

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