“I’m more nervous than the Korean Series…”

“My dad wants me to wear a Rolex…” “I’m more nervous than the Korean Series…”

“They said they were more nervous about the Korean Series.”

The South Korean baseball team won the gold medal with a thrilling 2-0 victory over Chinese Taipei in a thrilling final game. Moon Bo-kyung of the LG Twins was the first baseman to catch the final out.

Although he was a regular third baseman for LG, he played first base for the national team, giving him the honor and final thrill of receiving the winning ball.

The final game was tense from the first to the ninth inning. The most tense moment came in the bottom of the ninth inning when Go Woo-seok gave up back-to-back singles to put runners on first and second base, and the jubilation erupted when he finished the game with an out in front of the second baseman.

Moon thought the Korean Series would be just as nerve-wracking, but her seniors, who had experienced both the Asian Games and the Korean Series, 카지노사이트 told her differently.

“When I asked my older brothers (Kim) Hyun-soo and (Park) Hae-min, they said there was no comparison,” Moon said, adding that the Korean Series was much more nerve-wracking than the Asian Games. “I’ve been to the Asian Games final, so I thought the Korean Series would be less nerve-wracking than that, but listening to my brothers, I was worried,” Moon said with a slight smile.

It’s their first Korean Series

He has long since forgotten about last year’s painful playoff failure. “We had a long break last year, too, and I don’t remember how we did. I forgot all about the playoffs,” he said.

“I’m playing a practice game, and if it doesn’t fit, I’m worried that it won’t fit, and if it fits, I’m worried that it won’t fit in the Korean Series,” he said.

I’ve been watching all of the postseason so far, and I’m still enjoying watching other people’s games. One of the things he realizes is the importance of defense.

“Whenever there is a defensive mistake, it changes the atmosphere and leads to points. I think defense is really important,” said Moon Bo-kyung. “I think it’s important not to make mistakes.

Even in training camp, we focused on defense. It may not go our way in the game, but we will do whatever it takes.”

LG is looking to win the Korean Series for the first time in 29 years

It’s also been 21 years since LG made it to the Korean Series.

Moon invited his parents, who hadn’t come to the ballpark for fear of overwhelming their son, to attend the series.

“The Korean Series is not an opportunity that comes along every day, and not coming to the ballpark is just an excuse,” said Moon, who wanted to show his son, LG’s starting third baseman, as a young man.

Rolex watches are a common question for LG players. “My dad told me to get one,” Moon laughed. “I told my dad that I hope whoever gets the Rolex watch will be the one who wins it, and then we will have won the championship,” he said, adding,

“I want to win the championship even if I have to buy another Rolex watch.”

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