Illegal Gamblers Take Columbus Park in New York City

Hundreds of New York City gamblers occupied Columbus Park and bet large sums on thousands of dollars in card games and swimming pools, which the police allowed. 릴게임사이트 A local media report that up to 10 people have been raised at a park where middle-aged and old-age gamblers are mainly trying their luck at an impromptu casino table.

These tables and benches in Chinatown Park were meant to be used to eat, rest, and play traditional chess. Gamblers, however, took them over because they played the game in groups of seven people, playing piogou poker, Chinese blackjack, or other games, to get a chance for a big win. Meanwhile, New York law prohibits such gambling activities in parks.

A Chinatown resident who is a regular at the park explained that gamblers come and sit right next to people and set up tents right on top of others. He explained that this experience was quite inconvenient. Another resident sarcastically said that they own a bench, and that these illegal gambling activities affect tourists and everyone who buys food in the area.

But reporters confirm that there are only a handful of people who trade cards and organize their money for four days. In addition, although the square closes at dusk, gambling continues at night. According to witnesses, illegal gambling is taking place seven days a week in a park located along Baxter, Worth and Mulberry streets, close to law enforcement office buildings.

Those caught red-handed are at risk of being charged with misdemeanors for misconduct. But it’s nothing compared to the criminal charges and jail time you’ll face if you’re arrested for illegal gambling. Those convicted of facilitating gambling could face up to four years in prison and a fine of US$5,000.

Joe Puleo, president of Local 983 in the 37th District Council, which represents park managers, shared that his members are understaffed and usually follow the NYPD’s protocols on such matters, so they cannot properly enforce the park’s gambling rules. He was surprised that so many people were actively gambling in court everywhere.

New York authorities have faced numerous illegal gambling businesses in the state over the past few years. Recently, NYPD found a mafia-owned gambling house at Sal’s Shoe Repair in Merrick, Long Island. The criminals are part of the Genovese and Bonano families and they will face scuffles and illegal gambling charges in court.

Another example was in April, when Abdurrahman Iseni was convicted of running several illegal burrows in Brooklyn, New York. U.S. District Judge Andrew L. Carter ruled that the perpetrator will be sentenced to 51 months in prison for conducting illegal gambling businesses alleged to have been linked to the mafia in “Friendly Cafe,” “Oasis Cafe” and “Sports Cafe.”

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