Here’s a drama for you… Triple murderer turned hero with a 74.4% chance of winning

The villain was disguised as a hero.
He won the first game of the Korean Series with a 74.4% chance.

The man who delivered the gift to KT was Moon Sang-cheol (32), the ‘man of reversal’.

In the bottom of the ninth inning of the first game of the 2023 KBO League Korean Series against the LG Twins at Jamsil Stadium on July 7, with the score tied 2-2, Moon hit a single to left field.
His opponent was LG’s hard-throwing closer, Ko Woo-seok.

After drawing a full-count walk in the previous at-bat, he opted for a fastball against Moon Sang-chul.

With the bases loaded and two outs, Moon took a breather by enduring one changeup after another.

At 2B2S, Go Woo-seok’s 154-kilometer down-and-away fastball from the right side of the plate struck Moon Sang-chul, but the ball hit him on the instep of his left shaft.

Despite the pain, Moon picked up his bat again and rejoined the fray with Go Woo-seok.
The game continued.

When Go Woo-seok’s curveball was a bit high and toward the body, Moon spun his bat without hesitation.

The ball parabolaed toward the stands in left field.

It hit the top of the fence and bounced off the inside of the safety bar, allowing the first baseman to cross home plate.

Moon Sang-cheol, who had reached second base, took advantage of the gap in the home plate to score from third.

As the entire KT team rushed out of the dugout in anticipation of the victory, Moon performed a passionate gesture toward his teammates.
In fact, if it weren’t for the game-winning hit, it would have been a nightmare for Moon.
The inning ended with runners on first and second. 카지노사이트777

Moon could only shake his head.
After striking out as the leadoff hitter in the fifth inning, Moon got another chance in the top of the seventh inning with runners on first and second with the score tied at 2-2.

The KT bench chose to trust Moon instead of a substitute, but the result was another strikeout.

It looked like their worst day was behind them.
In the bottom of the ninth inning, the KT bench trusted Moon, and it was a happy ending.
Moon has hit two home runs in the five games of the playoffs, and his bat has been on fire, especially in the third game when KT was down two games to none, and he’s helped quench the team’s thirst for runs at crucial moments.
However, unlike his long balls, he didn’t create many memories with his bunt.

A big-ball player who doesn’t seem to be suited for small ball.
A college rookie who hadn’t seen the light of day since joining KT’s founding roster.

This season, Moon has finally blossomed, and after leading his team to victory in his Korean Series debut, he was named the Daily MVP of Game 1, earning a prize of 1 million won.

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