‘Badminton national teamer’ Flexibility investigated by police for alleged sexual misconduct → settlement between parties

Former national badminton player Yoo Yeon-seong was arrested in the United States in July on suspicion of rape.

On July 1, JTBC reported that Yoo Yeon-sung, an Asian Games and World Championships medalist, was arrested in the United States for allegedly raping a Korean woman in July.

According to the report, Yoo was released on bail and returned to South Korea, but he is also being investigated by the Korean police after the victim filed a complaint with the police.

Police investigating both sides handed over the case to prosecutors with a prosecution opinion on March 23, and the Incheon District Prosecutor’s Office is reportedly conducting further investigations.

JTBC reportedly reached out to Yoo for comment, but he did not respond. 바카라사이트

Yoo Yun-sung’s legal representative later said, “Today, the parties reached an agreement,” and added, “We will file a letter of withdrawal of the complaint stating that the complainant does not want to be punished.”

“Under the terms of the settlement, a counterclaim is not appropriate,” the company said, adding that it is not an admission of guilt.

In sexual offense cases, the investigation continues even if the victim drops the charges.

Yoo was born in 1986 and won the men’s doubles title at the 2016 Victor Coria Open Badminton Superseries.

He has won several other tournaments and gained a lot of public attention and love.

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