Also, You Will Be Able To See Catcher Kim Bum-seok Faster in LG’s First Division, Which Left The Catcher in His 20s

In the 2023 KBO second draft held on the 22nd, a total of four players were leaked, including pitchers Lee Sang-kyu Hanwha Eagles, No. 2 overall, Choi Sung-hoon Samsung Lions, No. 3, Oh Seok-joo Kium Heroes, No. 7, and catcher Kim Ki-yeon Doosan Bears, No. 4. 안전놀이터

In this second draft, only up to four players could be selected from one club to prevent the leakage of power from certain clubs, with LG, SSG Landers and NC Dinos leaving four players.

LG players were popular, and all four players were selected in the top seven overall rankings. I thought a lot of our players would be selected, but too many were nominated in the beginning, LG General Manager Cha Myung-seok said, sighing, We will nurture the players in the farm well to fill the gap.

Catcher Kim Ga-yeon was more noticeable than three pitchers. After the end of the 2021 season, LG urgently recruited Heo Do-hwan as a backup catcher in the FA market when Kim Jae-sung 27, Samsung Lions was appointed as a compensator for Park Hae-min, a free agent.

In the second draft, Kim Ki-yeon, the third catcher option, moved to Doosan. Doosan focused on recruiting backup catchers to support Yang Eui-ji in the second draft, and recruited Kim Ki-yeon, who was showing little possibility in the first division from LG.

LG won the integrated championship for the first time in 29 years, but the main catcher Park Dong-won and backup catcher Huh Do-hwan are both in their 30s. Park Dong-won and Heo Do-hwan are playing well, but the growth of young catchers, who should replace them in the future, is also important. In this situation, it is a big blow that the team’s painstakingly raised catchers in their 20s have left one after another.

Still, LG comforted that Kim Bum-seok, who has the potential to become a large catcher, remains. General manager Cha said, In addition to Park Dong-won and Huh Do-hwan, there are also Kim Bum-seok in our catcher options. It’s a shame that Kim Ki-yeon will be transferred, but if you think positively, it has provided a foothold for Kim Bum-seok to appear on the first-team stage faster as a catcher, he said.

Kim Bum-seok, who was selected by LG with the 7th overall rookie draft in September last year, drew attention as a large catcher. However, since entering the professional league, he has been used as a designated hitter in the first and second teams due to his poor shoulder condition.

He won the Futures All-Star Game MVP for his excellent batting ability and was also named in the Korean Series entry and hit as a pinch hitter. However, it is difficult for Kim Bum-seok to stand as a designated hitter in the first division with prominent seniors.

In response, manager Yeom Kyung-yeop said, We have to make a decision on how to use Kim Bum-seok, hinting at changes in positions such as moving the first baseman. However, Kim Bum-seok is likely to have to wear a mask as catcher resources have been reduced due to Kim Ki-yeon’s transfer.

Director Cha said, Don’t you think Kim Bum-seok should take over as a catcher in the end. Catcher Kim Bum-seok is much more attractive than first baseman Kim Bum-seok, he said. The current main catcher is Park Dong-won. However, one day, Kim Bum-seok should take his place as the main catcher. When Park Dong-won needs a break next season, Kim Bum-seok will play as a catcher and help him, he explained.

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