Ryder Cup Heated Hat Gate Means Asking For Money

The Ryder Cup, a continental golf competition between Europe and the United States, which was held from September 29 to October 1 during the Korean Chuseok holiday, was hot because of the hat. 스포츠토토핫 Patrick Cantlay of the U.S., ranked fifth in the world, played without a hat from the first day, and it was reported that his hair loss was a protest against not giving prize money to players in the Ryder Cup.

Sky Sports UK said: According to multiple sources, the US team room is divided, which is mainly led by Cantlay. He sits in a separate space in the team room with his friend Xander Shopley. Cantlay believes the players should be awarded the Ryder Cup, and he is expressing his discontent by refusing to wear a team cap.

Whenever the European spectators saw Cantlay from the second day of the tournament, they took off their hats and shouted, Give me money, mocking him. Cantlay played better under these unfavorable conditions. On the second day, he hit Rory McIlroy with a long-distance birdie putt on the last three holes of the four-ball game. The U.S., which was highly likely to lose, kept alive the possibility of a come-from-behind victory with this victory.

There was trouble, too. Cantlay’s caddie, Joe Lavacca, turned his hat against European ridicule and interrupted his opponent McIlroy’s game, causing an argument. McIlroy met and argued with another American caddie in the parking lot, which Western media used as a hat gate.

The game was won by Europe 16.5-11.5. Cantlay said throughout the game, I just didn’t wear it because I didn’t have a hat that fits me, adding, The Sky Sports report was completely wrong.

However, reports are not nonsense. It is absurd to say that there was no hat that fits. Cantlay, along with Gender Shopley, was rumored to enter LIV last year. For some reason, he rejected Saudi oil money at the last minute, but he is considered a thorough player in terms of money.

Cantlay did not participate in the Ryder Cup gala dinner and the U.S. team’s tour of Marco Simone Golf Course in Rome. The U.S. did not allow the camera of the Netflix documentary Full Swing to enter the team room, and he is one of the players who led this along with Gender Shoply. Xander Schauffley’s father, Stephen Schauffley, confirmed this in an interview with The Times and others on the 2nd.

The U.S. PGA and the Ryder Cup Europe are making money using players’ intellectual property, but players are not receiving money. Imagine if the winner gets $2 million and the loser gets nothing. What an interesting competition it would be. The tournament organizers should disclose their books and negotiate with the players, he said.

Stefan Shopley also said that his son and Cantlay were in danger of not being able to participate in the competition due to Netflix filming problems. The reason why the two players opposed Netflix filming seems to be a protest against not giving prize money or asking for other rewards.

In the end, the U.S. players denied the filming team access to the team room, citing the “sacredness of the U.S. team. Although the announcement was unanimous, the report that the U.S. team room was divided is not wrong because there was disagreement within the team.

The Ryder Cup began as a friendly tournament with no prize money. Broadcasting rights have increased, but players do not receive money due to tradition. David Duvall, Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson insisted on receiving the money, but the organizers did not want to pay for the charity decided by the players.

Some argue that players should receive prize money, but more argue that the Ryder Cup should remain a tournament played with patriotism, not prize money.

Four U.S. players did not wear hats in the final single match. Cantlie and Shopley, Colin Morikawa and Justin Thomas. It can be seen as solidarity with Cantlie, who is ridiculed by fans, but it also appears to be a list of players who claim money in the Ryder Cup.

The LIV made by Saudi oil capital has strengthened the power of the players. Cantlay is a PGA Tour player director. It is clear that this will be picked up and moved on. There is no reason for other players’ directors such as Rory McIlroy to oppose it. Discussions on player prize money are expected to begin at the Ryder Cup.

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