Ryder Cup Cap Gate McIlroy-Tiger Woods Ex-Caddie Collision

The Ryder Cup, a golf continental competition between the U.S. and Europe, is heating up because of their hats. 스포츠토토핫

The start was due to the sluggishness of the United States. On the morning of the 29th , the U.S. was completely defeated by three draws and five losses in eight matches on the first day of losing 0-4 to Europe. Twitter and others criticized that the U.S. slump was due to teamwork.

The criticism was fueled by American player Patrick Cantlay’s hat. Cantlay, ranked fifth in the world and one of America’s main players, is playing without a hat in this Ryder Cup. It was reported that his hair loss, who usually plays with a hat, was a protest against not giving him prize money at the Ryder Cup. He didn’t wear a hat at the 2021 Ryder Cup either.

According to reports, Cantlay does not wear a hat with a logo where it does not pay. So it’s possible to infer that you don’t do your best. The fans were angry.

Cantlay simply explained, It was because I didn’t have a hat that fits me. It is said that he did not wear a hat for the same reason in 2021.

Whether what he said was true or not, European fans gathered at Marco Simone Golf Club in Rome, Italy, used hats. On the second day of the tournament, on the 30th, whenever Cantlay stood on the tee box and went on the green, the crowd took off their hats and mocked him. Fans shouted, Show me the money.

But it’s not a cantlay to shake. His nickname is cold-blooded. Cantlay teamed up with Wyndham Clark in a four-ball game on the afternoon of the 30th to play Rory McIlroy-Matt Fitzpatrick. He was dragged throughout the game, but he turned the game around with a clutch putt on the last three holes.

It looked like the second day of the game would end at 11.5-4.5, but Cantlay’s last-minute performance narrowed it down to 10.5-5.5. The U.S. left a glimmer of hope in the single match on the final day. In the process, there were conflicts.

After Cantlay was holed out on the final hole, American players and caddies took off their hats and cheered for Cantlay. American caddies on the green were happy to shake their hats, and Cantlay’s caddie, Joe Lacaba, joined in.

Rory McIlroy of the European team was addressing for the putt. If McIlroy had made this putt, the match could have been tied. McIlroy couldn’t get the ball into the hole and got angry and got into an argument with Rakava.

Rakava is famous for being a caddie for Tiger Woods. Woods is wearing Cantlie’s bag after being injured and unable to play. Woods and McIlroy are close friends. In addition, European ace McIlroy must have been even angrier because Wyndham Clark of the United States, who was in a group with Cantlie, shouted before the game, I’m better than McIlroy.

Europe’s Shane Lowry and others also had a verbal fight with Joe Lacaba. While waiting for a car to the hotel after the game, Rory McIlroy met Justin Thomas’ caddie, Jim Mackay, and they argued again.

Cantley said, From the start of the game, the European crowd waved their hats. I used their mockery as fuel which I would rather do well, he said. McIlroy also said, Today’s incident will be fuel for tomorrow’s game.

This Ryder Cup looked bland with Europe’s overwhelming dominance. But it is becoming interesting because of the hat. The hat is being used as fuel.

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