Red Card Son Heung-min Also Requested Withdrawal Due to Cold Water in The Warm-up Match

The most regrettable scene in the warm-up match against Vietnam was by far the opponent’s exit. 사설토토 If the result was an important official tournament, it would have been a great boon, but the match against Vietnam was a friendly match. It was not a good thing for Korea as well as Vietnam, as even the number balance was broken at a time when the objective power difference was so large.

The situation was like this. The warm-up match between Korea and Vietnam was held at Suwon World Cup Stadium on the 17th. It was right after Son Heung-min Tottenham scored an additional goal and South Korea led 4-0. While Vietnamese players handed the ball to the last defense, Son Heung-min put forward pressure. When opponent defender Bui Hoang Viet An (Hanoi Police)’s trapping flowed for a rather long time, Son Heung-min rushed with all his might and put pressure on him.

Viet An tried to clear the ball in a hurry, but Son Heung-min tripped in the process. The Malaysian referee took out a red card to Viet An. It was ruled that he fouled off the crucial one-on-one situation with the goalkeeper.

However, opinions were somewhat divided on whether it was a decision that could have given him a direct exit. On the slow screen, Viet An cleared the ball first, and the scene where Son Heung-min fell was after that. The ball that was cleared was hit by Son Heung-min’s foot, and although he later tripped over the knee in Viet, it was difficult to say that he deliberately fouled to prevent the crisis. Moreover, the ball that bounced off Son Heung-min’s foot was also a situation that the goalkeeper could catch rather than a situation that Son Heung-min could fully own.

Of course, there was no reason for the referee to consider various situations as it was an official game. Even if he gave a warning rather than a direct exit, Viet An, who had already been warned once in the first half, was also sent off for accumulating warnings. However, it was difficult to say that Son Heung-min tripped in a complete one-on-one scoring opportunity at the time, but that the opponent intentionally committed a foul to prevent a one-on-one situation.

Regardless of the accuracy of the decision, it was regrettable that it was a warm-up match, and that was also a departure from a team with weak power. Korea was overwhelming the opponent from the beginning of the game, and the score gap widened to 4-0. In the first place, Klinsmann’s goal of the warm-up match was to find a way to target relatively weak teams that he would meet in the future World Cup qualifiers. Vietnam also had to find a scoring route through counterattacks while holding out against strong teams like Korea. Viet An’s exit was not a welcoming situation for Korea, as well as Vietnam, which wanted to avoid a defeat.

It was in the same context that Korean players, including captain Son Heung-min, talked with the referee for a long time rather than a strong protest from Vietnamese players after the decision to leave. It is because the Korean national team did not want to gain a numerical advantage through the opponent’s exit. As a result, the red card decision was not overturned. Viet Ahn left the stadium as it was. It was a scene where South Korea was leading 4-0, and even the remaining 30 minutes were played with a numerical advantage.

South Korean players, led by Son Heung-min, reportedly asked the referee to withdraw their decision to leave. Unfortunately, this fact was announced through the Vietnam Football Association. VFF said on social media, When Viet An suddenly received a red card after committing a foul by mistake, Son Heung-min asked the referee to withdraw the decision. Viet Ahn didn’t intentionally foul him, he was just unintentionally disturbed, he said. It was Son Heung-min’s beautiful appearance, he said.

The aftermath of Viet’s exit further tilted the flow of the game, which had been unilateral, toward Korea. Jurgen Klinsmann Germany made changes to the offense right after the opponent’s exit by excluding Cho Kyu-sung Mitt Whelan and Lee Jae-sung Mines 05 and putting Hwang Ui-jo Norwich City and Jung Woo-young Stuttgart. South Korea, which added an onslaught in the remaining 30 minutes with a numerical advantage, won a big 6-0 victory with additional goals from Lee Kang-in Paris Saint-Germain and Jung Woo-young. Philipp Trousier France, the coach of the Vietnamese national soccer team, said, It was hard to fight with 10 players in the last 20 to 30 minutes. It is regrettable that the result was even more disappointing because he played as 10 players.

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