NYGC Denies Request To Change Isolation

This week, the New York Gaming Commission formally rejected a request to change the rules for entry to racetracks in the state overseen by the New York Racing Association. 릴게임사이트 Trainer Ken McPick asked the supervisor and he wanted horses from quarantine to qualify to race before quarantine ends.

The source of the request is that horses trained by Mr. McPeak last summer were not allowed by officials from the New York City Council to participate in the summer race at Saratoga Racecourse. Seven horses were not allowed to participate in the race because the quarantine on his barn has not been lifted yet. He was going to race at events on August 1, 4, and 5.

In a written response to Mr. McPeake, the New York Gaming Commission responded that it would not rule on the matter or take any relief action. According to the Commission, relaxing the regulations would be an advisory opinion, which is not accepted under the facts and circumstances of the matter at hand.

The gaming regulator also said it would not consider any changes to the protocol on the NYRA track because it was outside the scope of the procedure. The trainer’s horses were quarantined this summer because of horses that tested positive for herpes virus in the barn while Saratoga Racecourse met. But none of Mr. McPeake’s horses tested positive for the virus during his 21-day quarantine.

This week, the committee also said it would consider a rule requiring married riders to combine to ride horses. Previously, Governor Hochul vetoed a bill that removed the rule, but later said he wanted the committee to reevaluate the possibility of changing the rule.

Also at an online meeting on Monday, the Gaming Commission announced it would grant nine licenses to gaming companies to become sports betting operators in the state. Regulators have also approved a language that allows licensed operators of sports betting rules to provide a shared wall to use to bet on horse racing through the NYRA Bet app.

Currently, NYRA already has a partnership with one of its soon-to-be-authorized operators and that’s BetMGM. NYRA CEO David O’Rourke said this is huge news for the association and horse racing in general. According to him, the shared wallet will allow more distribution and access to more fans of the sport.

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