Kang Jun-gu and Kim Se-jin were selected first in the first handball rookie draft

Male players selected in the 2023-2024 H-League rookie draft
Male players selected in the 2023-2024 H-League rookie draft

In the first-ever handball integrated league ‘H-League‘ rookie draft, Kang Jun-gu

(Chosun University) and Kim Se-jin (Hwangji Information Industry High School) had the

honor of being selected as first overall men’s and women’s drafts.

In the H-League rookie draft held on the 26th at the Riviera Hotel in Gangnam-gu,

Seoul with the participation of 14 men’s and women’s business teams, Kang Jun-gu was

selected by the Incheon Urban Development Corporation as the first pick in the first round.

Pivot Jun-gu Kang, who played for the junior national team in 2021 after being a

candidate for the youth national team in 2018 and 2019, took the lead this year by

taking second place in Chosun University’s national university integrated league and third place in the national university integrated championship.

The South Chungcheong Province Office nominated Lee Hyuk-gyu, a 186cm tall player

from Kyung Hee University who won the 2023 Taebaeksangi Best Player Award, as the

second choice in the first round.Lee Hyuk-gyu can play as pivot and left-back.

Next, Hanam City Hall selected Kim Chan-hyeong (Hansports University), SK Hawks

selected Jeong Mir (Wonkwang University), and Doosan selected Cho Woon-sik

(Hansports University) in the first round.

In the women’s draft that followed, Kim Se-jin was selected by the Gyeongnam

Development Corporation as the first pick in the first round.

Female players selected in the 2023-2024 H-League rookie draft

Kim Se-jin, who is 174cm tall, is a winning member of the 2022 World Women’s Youth Championship and the 2023 Asian Women’s Junior Championship.

Jo Eun-bin (Han Sports University) was nominated by Seoul City Hall in second place.

Jo Eun-bin is also a promising player who has achieved good results on the

international stage, including winning the 2022 International University Sports

Federation (FISU) Handball World Cup, receiving the Most Valuable Player Award (MVP),

and winning the 2019 Asian Women’s Junior Championship.

Following this, SK Sugar Gliders had Park Soo-jeong (Hwigyeong Girls’ High School),

Incheon City Hall had Lim Seo-young (Incheon Business High School), Gwangju City

Corporation had Kim Seo-jin (Ilshin Girls’ High School), Daegu City Hall had Jeong Yeon-

woo (Gyeongnam Physical Education High School), and Busan Facility Corporation had

Choi Yu-na (Han Sports High School). were selected in the first round in turn.

A total of 33 people were selected in this draft, including 13 men and 20 women.

The nomination rate was 65% for men (13 people nominated out of 20 people), 91% for

women (20 people nominated out of 22 people), and an average of 79% for men and women.

The first season of the H-League will begin with the opening match between Busan

Facility Corporation and SK Sugar Gliders at SK Handball Stadium in Songpa-gu, Seoul

at 2 p.m. on the 11th of next month and will run until May 2 next year.

The H-League aims to be a professional league in the long term, but for now, it is

operated with corporate teams and local government teams competing together. 스포츠토토맨

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