’51-year-old’ Lee Do-yeon, 3rd consecutive victory in the Disabled Cycling AG “You beat me again today”

If you win the individual road race on the 27th, you will win two gold medals for the third time in a row.

Lee Do-yeon wins third consecutive women’s handcycle road solo at the Asian Para Games

Ironman’ Lee Do-yeon (51, sports grade WH4, Jeonbuk Disabled Cycling Federation)

achieved his third consecutive victory in the Asian Para Games.

Lee Do-yeon won the women’s handcycle (H1-5) road solo race at the 2022 Hangzhou

Para Asian Games by covering 13.5km of the cycle road course at the Chunan Jeshou

Sports Center in Hangzhou, China, in 23 minutes 35.80 seconds on the 26th.

Disabled cyclists ride different bicycles depending on the type of disability, and Lee Do-

yeon, who has a lower limb disability,’s sport is a hand cycle in which she lies back and

pedals with her arms.In the road solo race, competitors start at one-minute intervals

and ranking is determined by personal record.

Lee Do-yeon

Recorded a time of 10 minutes 21.91 seconds through the first section of the day, 4.11

seconds behind China’s Sun Bianbian (10 minutes 17.80 seconds), but turned around

by increasing her speed in the second half.In the final record, Doyeon Lee was 23

minutes 35.80 seconds, 15.65 seconds faster than Sun Bianbian with 23 minutes 51.45 seconds.

After the game, Lee Do-yeon said, “Among the players who participated in the finals, I

am the oldest. I was intimidated by the younger players, but since I came as a member

of the national team, age was an excuse and I ran for my life.”

Lee Do-yeon, who was paralyzed from the waist down in an accident at the age of 19,

only started exercising with a table tennis racket at the age of 34.

He entered track and field at the age of 40 and won three gold medals at the 2012

National Sports Festival for the Disabled (a new Korean record in the javelin, discus, and

shot put), and switched to handcycling again in 2013.

In 2014, the year after he turned to cycling, he became the first Asian athlete to win an

international disabled cycling competition (2014 Italian Para Cycling World Cup),

announcing to the world the emergence of a ’42-year-old comet’.

Lee Do-yeon

Won two gold medals in the Asian Para Games at the 2014 Incheon Games and the

2018 Indonesia Games, and on this day, she stood at the top again, achieving her third consecutive victory in the event.

In 2018, he competed in the disabled Nordic skiing (cross-country, biathlon) at the

Pyeongchang Winter Paralympics, about a year after learning how to ski.

Lee Do-yoon, who was born with athletic ability, laughed and said, “I am grateful to my

ancestors. I have had a special physique since I was young. I was exhausted while

recovering from a disability, but I think I did well every time thanks to my natural body.”

He said, “(Cycling road solo)

I like the most because it is a fight against myself, not against others,” and added, “I feel

proud when I think I have beaten myself.”

Lee Do-yoon, who beat himself again on this day, said, “I think a lot while running.

(When I’m struggling) My body is not even mine. I say to my body and the bike, ‘You

two become one and run well.’ “I want to play a race that I am not ashamed of myself until the moment I get off the bike,” he said.

Lee Do-yeon will compete in a 41.4km individual road handcycle race on the 27th.If he

wins this event, he will win two gold medals in three consecutive Asian Para Games. 19가이드03

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