I Am The Crazy Player of Autumn, The Legendary Player From LG, The Potter’s Second-tier Batting king

He suffered an ankle injury ahead of the end of the regular season, and failed to join the last minute of the season. With his quick recovery, Seo Ho-chul joined the wild card game entry. The condition of the ankle was not normal. 토토 Seo Ho-chul himself said, I still have pain. He even said, I think I’ll get adrenaline if I play. An NC official also said, It will not be easy to take small steps when defending, adding, It is really not normal. The devil himself, he said, admiring.

NC, which finished the season in fourth place, met the Doosan Bears in the wild card game. A win or draw in one of the two games would give them an advantage to qualify for the semi-playoffs. The atmosphere was not very good. He lost both of his last two regular-season games, ending the season in fourth place, which he could finish in third place.

If the first game collapsed, the next game could not be guaranteed. Doosan was also dominant in the starting battle. Seo Ho-chul came out as a troubleshooter. He entered the batter’s box in the bottom of the fourth inning when he was losing 0-3, and hit a grand slam against Doosan’s Kwak Bin. Seo Ho-chul made his first home run on the fall baseball stage, which he first stepped on, as a grand slam.

Seo Ho-chul’s bat didn’t cool down afterwards. With the bases loaded in the seventh inning, he hit a long shot once again and called two runners home. a six-run game. Seo set a new record for most RBIs in a wild card game. NC, with Seo Ho-chul’s performance at the forefront, beat Doosan 14-9 to advance to the semi-playoff.

Even after meeting SSG, Seo Ho-chul maintained a strong sense of hitting. In his first two at-bats, he was tied up by SSG starter Roenis Elias’ good pitching. The top of the eighth inning with the 0-0 balance unbroken. Seo Ho-chul, who came out as the leadoff hitter, hit Elias’ first-pitch fastball and made an infield hit. Seo Ho-cheol was caught at second base as Kim Hyung-joon’s sacrifice bunt failed, but Kim Sung-wook, a pinch hitter in the subsequent at-bat, hit a two-run home run to take a 2-0 lead. The home run became the winning hit.

While SSG followed one run in the bottom of the eighth inning, NC escaped one run with Park Min-woo’s hit, Do Tae-hoon’s sacrifice bunt, and Martin’s timely hit in the top of the ninth inning. But the situation was still unsettling. With Martin stealing second base, Kwon Hee-dong stepped down with a fly ball to left field. The opportunity is back in the West Hochul. Seo Ho-cheol hit SSG closer Seo Jin-yong and made a timely hit, while NC widened the score to 4-1.

As SSG made a point difference again with Ha Jae-hoon’s two-run home run in the bottom of the ninth inning, Seo Ho-chul’s shot was like gold. Park Yong-taek, a commentator from LG, said, I wonder how far Seo Ho-chul’s performance will continue.

NC eventually won the first game 4-3. In the postseason under a 10-team system since 2015, the winning team of the first round advanced to the playoffs 100%. A short-term battle that requires a crazy player. The NC Dinos, who discovered it first, took the lead first.

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