AG Another Festival… Fans Service Shows to Raise Excitement

The Hangzhou Asian Games are alive with activity.

The dedicated help of friendly college student volunteers is impressive, but it’s the excitement created for fans both on and off the field that stands out.

When I went to the Linping Sports Center for the South Korean men’s volleyball team’s group stage match against Cambodia, I was surprised to see cheerleaders performing to upbeat music.

There were no cheerleaders on the court, but a large hexagonal display board hanging from the ceiling showed pre-recorded videos of colorful and powerful dance routines.

The men’s basketball arena at the new Olympic Sports Center was like watching a National Basketball Association (NBA) game. 바카라사이트

The upbeat music, dazzling light show, and cheerleaders made for an exciting atmosphere.

In between plays, there were “freeze-frame” and “standout spectator” segments, and the cameras would catch targets to elicit laughter from the crowd.

On the rugby field, cheerleaders helped players make their way to the field, and on the soccer field, signs like “wave” and “raise your voice” rallied the crowd.

Diving boards in swimming pools displayed key information about the athlete’s performance.

Sound, lighting, and video were utilized, and large display boards were a great way to connect with the audience.

In sports marketing, the creation of an enjoyable atmosphere surrounding an event and the presentation of the event is known as sports presentation.

The psychological effects of what athletes and spectators hear, see, and feel not only increase consumer utility but also motivate athletes.

The United States, with its professional sports, is one of the best at sports presentation.

It requires large investments, which are based on the capitalist calculation of attracting spectators and getting them to open their wallets.

For this reason, the festive atmosphere at sporting events in China, a country that claims to be socialist, goes beyond stereotypes.

“It’s different from the rigid atmosphere of China in the past,” says Youngjin Kim, head of Olympic Marketing at Wow Management.

“It’s different from the rigid atmosphere of China in the past. There’s music, lighting, information, and fan service in and around the venues that are carefully planned and directed.

The sports presentation plays a role in creating a sophisticated image for the Hangzhou Asian Games.”

Internally, China could use the euphoria that sports can bring to its people.

In Korea, the most popular sport, professional baseball, each team has created a unique cheering culture to attract fans, but the infrastructure, such as Jamsil Baseball Stadium, is gray.

KCC, a professional basketball team, left their hometown of Jeongden because they couldn’t stand the outdated facilities such as hard chairs that were difficult for one person to hold comfortably.
Local governments do not consider the civic welfare aspects of sports.

While the Professional Billiards Association has made a concerted effort to present sports in a variety of ways, most professional and amateur organizations are not active in engaging with their audiences.

In Hangzhou, I reflect on the poverty of South Korea’s sports facilities and the fan service within them.

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