Woodbine Inc Resurrects Breeder Crown Charity Challenge

This week, Ontario’s Woodbine Entertainment, Hambltonian Society and Breeders Crown Presentation sponsor Rebfeld-Kates Bread Partnership announced the return of the Breeders Crown Charitable Challenge. The event has been quite successful over the past few years, as it has brought in more than 800,000 Canadian dollars for local charities. 릴게임 This year’s challenge will be held again at the horse racing organization’s Woodbine Mohawk Park.

The challenge was introduced back in 2019 at Woodbine Mohawk Park and has raised more than C$800,000 for local charities at Breeders Crown host tracks each year. Last year, the event reached a new record when it raised more than C$400,000 for charities in the Meadowlands region of East Rutherford and New Jersey.

Woodbine Entertainment informed us that the upcoming challenge will consist of four teams. They will feature drivers from each famous owner, a charity of their choice, and an organization that is ready to fight for its own ends. So they compete for a pool of at least 200,000 Canadian dollars that can be claimed for charity.

The Breeders’ Crown Charity Challenge will be held on October 28 and 29 at Mohawk Park, Woodbine. The team is the Milton District Hospital Foundation, Dishon/Bob McClure Racing Kids Help Phone Line, Steve Heimbecker/James McDonald of Pine River Laboratory, and Reevefeld-Kates/Lewis-Philip Roy of the Toronto General Hospital Heart Research Center fighting for Sick Kids Hospital Toronto.

To participate in the challenge, each team has already committed C$25,000 to secure a minimum donation for their preferred charity. It also raised an additional C$100,000 through generous donations from industry participants. Teams can secure even more funding for their chosen charity through the Driver Challenge or Social Media Challenge.

The Driver Challenge awards a charity C$50,000 based on each driver’s performance in the Ontario Sears Stakes Lampman Cup standings. The social media challenge begins on September 1, 2022 and delivers C$50,000 to charities based on social media engagement of all teams. Each team must use #Crown22 and the team hashtag can earn an additional C$20,000.

Last week, Ontario’s horse racing leader also released the latest power rankings for this year’s run of The Queen’s Plate. Currently, Rondure is considered the frontrunner to win the race, with Minkster coming in second and Duke of Love coming in third. The historic race will be held on Aug. 21, 2022, at Woodbine Racecourse.

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