Transfer of KRW 360 Billion to Crazy RTI

It’s crazy. Saudi Arabia’s Oil Money has a strong attack power. When the £150 million offer was rejected, he made a winning move with £215 million about 360 billion won. 사설토토 Saudi Al-Etihad has thrown a £215 million offer to Liverpool to recruit Liverpool’s signboard striker Mohamed Salah.

Salah heated up the last minute of the transfer market this summer. Al-Etihad came forward to recruit Salah, who is gaining huge popularity in Saudi Arabia, and attracted Liverpool and Salah with a transfer fee of 150 million pounds and the world’s highest salary, but eventually failed.

However, the Saudi League has not yet completed its player registration. be available for recruitment. Altihad has thrown Liverpool into greater temptation.

The Altihad leaders flew to London to sign Salah. British media The Sun reported that R Ittihad, who met Liverpool, offered the world’s highest transfer fee of up to £215 million, including options.

The media then claimed that Salah was offered 2.45 million pounds about 4.1 billion won a week. On top of that, a large percentage of uniform sales revenue and 55,000 pounds of winning allowances are reportedly added.

This is not the end. It introduced three major Saudi companies that are ready to pay £6 million to seduce Salah. You get a lot of money if you just act as a public relations ambassador. RTHIHARD is vowing to try again in January if the offer also fails.

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