Tottenham Didn’t Transfer Because of Madison Kane, Who Loved Tottenham

British media Talk Sports reported on the 8th that Tottenham star Madison insisted that he did not sign with Tottenham to play with Harry Kane. 사설토토

Madison is a really good kicker and is in charge of all set-piece kickers in the team. He also has high-quality forward passes, long passes, and ball distribution skills because his main position is an attacking midfielder. With his personal skills, he can play a scary role in the opponent’s box.

After moving to Leicester City in 2018, he was considered the core of the team upon his transfer and led the team along with his fellow transfers Pereira and Tillemans. He was Leicester’s ace in name and reality, consistently scoring double-digit attack points for Leicester. He scored 55 goals and 41 assists in 203 games and transferred to Tottenham for 40 million pounds about 66.6 billion won.

He’s doing his best this season as well. He has already scored two goals and two assists in four league matches, joining forces with Son Heung-min, the team’s main gun. Many expected Kane to partner with Kane before he moved to Bayern Munich, but Madison said his transfer decision was not affected by Kane.

He told The Sun I wasn’t naive enough to think Kane had no chance of leaving Tottenham. I didn’t go to Tottenham for Kane. I knew there was a possibility of Kane leaving, but there was not only a gloomy atmosphere. The atmosphere was good as the new coach was appointed and new players joined.

He continued, I think Kane is the best number 9 in the world and I wish I had played with Kane more than a few preseason games. But Bayern is a huge club and I hope Kane does his best. But Tottenham have excellent players. In particular, the front line can move flexibly according to the play that the coach wants.

He also mentioned a player he admired. He called England’s legendary attacking midfielder Paul Gascoyne his idol. He said, Before I became a professional, I was a fan, and I preferred players with personality, a little bit of cheek, to regular players. Maddison is playing for England and is expected to play in the Euro 2024 qualifier against Ukraine at 1 a.m. on September 10.

In addition, Tottenham’s next game, where he plays, will be against Sheffield United at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, Tottenham’s home stadium, at 11 p.m. on September 16.

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