‘Idoryu’ Jeon Mir 300 million, ‘Strongest Baseball’ Jeong Hyun-soo 1.5 million, all Lotte 2024 rookie contracts completed The Lotte Giants have completed the signing of 11 new players for the 2024 rookie class.

“We signed Gyeongbuk High School pitcher and hitter Jeon Mir, who was selected in the first round of the rookie draft, for 300 million won,” Lotte announced on Sunday.

Jeon is a top-notch physical and athletic player at 188cm-95kg.

He can play both pitcher and hitter and is considered to have a good mix of power and speed.

Pitcher Jeong Hyun-soo from Busan High School-Songwon University was selected in the second round for 150 million won.

Jeong is a left-handed pitcher who can be utilized as a power right away and has good control and game management skills.

In particular, he is evaluated as a player with excellent change-ups such as curveballs and sliders. 카지노사이트777

In the third round, Daegu Sangwon Go hitter Lee Ho-jun was signed for 100 million won.

Lee played shortstop in high school and is regarded as a player with solid defense and excellent baseball sense.

He can develop into a future starting shortstop with his ball, run, and base-stability skills.

Park Jun-woo, a fourth-round draft pick, was signed for 80 million won.

Park Jun-woo is a 190cm-93kg athlete with excellent physical attributes and a slider as his main weapon, and is considered a future starting pitcher with good control and game management skills.

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